Everyone dreams to have a world tour. Enjoy the different places without the length restrictions of the visa. The dream is finally becoming a reality with the Canadian Prime Minister Announcement.

What was the Announcement?

The Canadian Prime Minister announced on Monday night to lift visa restrictions for UAE nationals. This means that the UAE passport holders can enter freely into Canada without any restrictions of the visa.

The rank of UAE passport According to Henley Passport Index

According to 2018 Henley passport index, last month the UAE passport is the 23rd most powerful passport in the world. It is the only powerful passport of the Gulf region as well. The global ranking of the passport is 17 in terms of travel access. Read more: UAE Introduces New Visa System

Who requires a pre-approved visa?

Only about 50 countries are left in the list which requires a pre-approved entry visa before arriving. The other 155 countries with Canada the most recent allow free access to UAE nationals. Read more: AED 500,000 Fine, Imprisonment For Filming People in UAE

The historic climb of the passport

UAE passport had a historic jump of 38 places over 10 years making it the biggest jump in the world according to the creators of Henley Passport Index. Read more: Emirati Woman divorces her husband because he loves her a lot

How the passport had a long jump?

Releasing the annual report of Henley Passport Index in January Henley & Partners said,

“The UAE’s success is linked to the fact that, between 1999 and 2018, visa restrictions on Emirati citizens have been lifted by countries such as New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Ukraine, and China, as well as by those in Europe’s Schengen area,”

Which countries allowed free entry?

Following are the list of countries that allow UAE national to visa-free access. It does not include countries having an e-visa or on arrival requirements.

[table id=4 /]

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Source: Gulf News