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Saudi Court orders company to pay SR.20 million to 258 Saudi expat workers

Labor is the backbone of any country in its development and progress. Without labor, no country can run its economy. It is important to honor labors, protect their rights and keep a check and balance on their relationship and working conditions. A country can rise to its glory through the right treatment to its labor community.

Understanding how a large number of population is in the labor force and their importance countries have separate laws, courts and judgments for them. A similar new system was set up by Saudi Arabia to keep an eye on the labor rights and hear their concerns in the court with quick delivery of judgments. These courts are working day and night and have made major orders. Read about them in the article below.

Record of about 320 sessions in just 5 days

The labor courts are trying their best to solve cases as soon as possible to facilitate the labor community. A new record has been set up by the kingdom’s labor courts of hearing 320 sessions in 5 days with approximately 64 sessions in a single day.

Why is 20 million to be given to 258 people?

An unknown company which is not identified by sources was known to be delaying and not paying wages to their Saudi expat workers until a court order will come. The Labor Court in Riyadh took the issue as a serious concern and within 23 days decided that the company has to pay SR.20 million to its 258 Saudi expat workers from eight various nationalities. According to local daily Al-Watan on Tuesday, the company is also advised to give acknowledgement certificates to the workers who worked in the company for years.

20 million is a sum-up of all the wages till date for Saudi expat workers

The announced 20 million to be given to 258 workers is based on:

  • Delayed salaries.
  • After-service rights (End of Service Benefits).
  • Accumulated leaves.

The establishment of digital labor court for facilitation

The digital transformation of the legal system is done to have a quick settlement of cases, without unnecessary paperwork and delays. According to recent statistics, over 42,000 cases have been solved till date, the Justice Minister said,

The labor court judges were carefully chosen reiterating that the ministry was keen that the Kingdom has to have a model labor court that will preserve the rights of both the workers and the employers.”

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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