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25 Serious Crimes in Saudi Arabia that will Lead to Imprisonment

Saudi Public Prosecutor Sheikh Saud Al-Mujabib has released a list of serious crimes in the kingdom. Of these, 25 are crimes that require arrest and detention. According to sources, the issuance of a list of serious crimes in Saudi Arabia will protect human rights and the right to freedom. To know more about these crimes and their punishment, read the article below.

What Punishment is Set for Serious Crimes?

Serious crimes include border crimes that are punishable to death. Other crimes such as intentional homicide and crimes that harm national security are punishable by more than three (3) years. It has been made clear that it is a major crime. Activities mentioned in Section 118 of the Commercial Documents Act.

What other Crimes are Considered Serious Crimes?

  1. Embezzlement of public funds,
  2. Usurpation of the coffers of an institution or company,
  3. Embezzlement of funds of partner companies or
  4. Companies in which the state is a participant or embezzlement of the capital of banks or banking entities or companies are all considered as serious crimes.
  5. Other crimes include cases of fraud amounting to more than Rs 20,000,
  6. Intentional harming of a human being,
  7. Destruction or suspension of any part of one’s body, or
  8. Inflicting an injury on a person which takes more than 21 days to heal.

Is the Damaging Property a Crime?

Deliberate damage to property worth more than 20,000 riyals is a crime that causes damage to private or government property or 20,000 riyals.

Violence Against Parents

Violence against one of the parents unless the victim’s parents relinquish their rights and violating the sanctity of homes to harm someone’s life or reputation or wealth is also considered a serious crime.

Crimes of Theft

Theft by an organized group, return of someone’s capital or property unless the owner has relinquished it and stealing a car unless the owner has relinquished his right is considered a crime.

Cases of Smuggling

Crimes, like establishing or operating brothels, selling, manufacturing, or smuggling narcotics or storing them for smuggling and smuggling or receiving narcotics leaves or cultivating them for business, will also lead to arrest.

What Traffic Violence is considered a Serious Crime?

Drug effects or scratching tires or driving in the opposite direction or breaking the red signal or driving at excessive speeds to cause traffic accidents that kill someone or destroys any part of the body or is ineffective or a wound that takes more than 21 days to heal.

Crimes of Firing

Deliberately attacking an on-duty security official or intentionally damaging a government vehicle or smashing government officials’ equipment, firing in public places or events, and Shooting or threatening with a gun or intending to fire to cause harm can result in an arrest.

Kidnapping and Harming Someone’s Life

The government announced that serious crimes include provocative crimes, kidnapping or harming someone’s life or reputation or wealth, Offenses of commercial counterfeiting, provided that adulterated goods harm the health of a person or animal or endanger their safety.

All these crimes are considered serious crimes and can result in the arrest of the detention of the individuals. The government announced this list so that the citizens would not commit any of these as they have to face serious consequences. For more information and inquiry, visit our website. Stay safe. Stay tuned.

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