Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

2nd Wave of Coronavirus (Covid-19) Will Have Severe Impact Than Earlier Warn by WHO

The recent pandemic of Coronavirus has already caused a lot of troubles for the entire world. The world was under a complete lock-down. However, the Saudi Government tried its level best to stop the spread of this pandemic by taking early precautions and then by imposing lock-down. However, recently, the director of Public Health under the Gulf Health Council, said there would be no second wave of the new Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia.

What about the Rumors Regarding the Second Wave?

According to the local newspaper,

The director of Public health has allayed fears across the country in a video regarding the statement on Twitter that the second wave of Coronavirus would be more severe than the first. More than 9,000 tweets were made in that regard and the second report of the virus wave became a trend.

What Warning was Given by the World Health Organization?

The director of Public health said that according to the warning of the World Health Organization, the second wave of Coronavirus will come more intensely in those countries where all the preventative measures against the virus have been abolished.

When will the Next Wave Appear?

The World Health Organization warns those countries that if the vaccine is not discovered, such countries will be hit hard by a second wave of the virus next winter.

How is the Situation Different in Gulf counties?

According to the director of public health, the situation in the Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia, is very different. As, no Gulf country, including Saudi Arabia, has immediately lifted security measures against this pandemic.

Why does this warning not apply on Gulf countries?

The World Health Organization’s warning does not apply to any Gulf country, including Saudi Arabia. As each country has taken an in-depth look at the dangers of the virus and has gradually relaxed security measures.

He hoped that the virus would be vaccinated and hoped that no other wave of epidemics would hit any country in the world. As that would be more intense and much harmful. In this time of pandemic, everyone should take part in preventing the spread of this virus by taking proper measures. Wash your hands, maintain social distancing, avoid any contact with your nose, eyes and mouth. For more information, visit our website. Stay safe. Stay tuned.

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