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5 Incredible Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia & Explore

Traveling is a thrill, but not about breaking the rules. Saudi Arabia is one of the beautiful raw diamond in world map with certain travel policies until you travel with full respect towards culture, obedience for the laws and having decency in your behavior. For exploring Saudi happily, you need a skilled hand for stays and strays. Now, the staycations are more favorable for you with amazing flights and hotel packages using Emirates promo code. Here are the top five places in Saudi Arabia, which are worth of having a look.

1). Taif – The city of roses

“A city which has the intoxicating fragrance of roses and orchids, a city which is known for best honey, the best climate for fruits and wines”- these epithets are more than enough to attract a wanderer. Dam enwrapped with grass and trees in the slope of Sarawat Mountains is one of the major loci to keep travelers satisfied. Read more: Top 8 Coldest Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia During Winter Season

Hot spots:
  • Al-Shafa Mountain
  • Amusement Park
  • Cable Cars
  • Al-Hada Mountains
  • Shubra Palace

2). Riyadh – The capital city

It is the most populated and major center of administration and politics. From shopping to sports, Riyadh never fails in feeding you full for your traveling crave. Stays and taxi transfers in Riyadh and interconnected air transport with many major towns are now more affordable with Cleartrip coupon code.

Places to remember:
  • Olaya Park
  • Murabba Palace
  • National Park
  • Al-Hokair Land
  • Salaam Park
  • Park Valley Dam Namar

3). Madinah – The city of the Prophet Muhammad  (صلى الله عليه وسلم)

“Holiest place which transfers the positive vibes of pure Islamic culture”- Medina or Madinah can’t be explained with a single sentence. Hunt for safe and neat stays in Medina and flight transfer between heart locations around the globe in reasonable price range is easy with Rehlat coupon code.

Special points:
  • Al-Masjid An Nabawi
  • Mount Uhud
  • Madain Saleh Tombs
  • Wadi E Jinn Al-Baida

4). Asir – The city of mountains

Search for shade from temperature extremes ends here in Asir with mild balanced climate and serene natural touches. The enchantress rain, thrilling cool breeze, green mountains, oases are plenty to make you feel away from the scorching sun of Arabian deserts. Read more: Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Visit in 2019 

Exciting corners:
  • Abha Lake Dam
  • Jabal Sawda
  • Habala
  • Rijal Alma Village
  • Tayeh Valley
  • Shada Mountain

5). Najran – The city of archeology

There is no other spot for knowing exact Saudi history other than Najran with the full essence of heritage and architecture enriched with a holy culture. Najran is the origin of the Saudi royal family, walking through which takes us to their old treasure. Read more: Places to Visit in Jeddah

Divine loci:
  • Valley Dam
  • Midmakh Buildings
  • Ra’oum Castle
  • Emora Castle

Apart from all other countries, Saudi is unique in everything. Exploring Saudi is like earning a new degree in a beautiful subject having chapters of rich culture, the discipline of law, architectural sculptures, natural magnetism, social customs, the divinity of Islam and more. Saudi is waiting for taking you to another level of travel tranquility.

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