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5 years old blind boy memorized the Entire Holy Quran from the Radio

Holy Quran is the last book of guidance for the Muslims. Allah revealed this book in parts and verses over 23 years on Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم). Earlier saved on leaves and woof trunks, it took various phases until reached the final book form. It is not an ordinary book but guidance for the human being of every era.

Allah made the responsibility for its security till the Last day of human life on Earth. People read this book not only as a prayer but reach out to it in times of difficulty. Earlier written in Arabic calligraphy, Holy Quran is now available in different calligraphies, translated in several languages, explained by scholars of every sect.

Muslims try to learn the verses of this Holy book by heart. Some dedicate their lives to be called the Hafiz of Quran. Though it is a job of consistency, desire, patience and hard work but those who are blessed by Allah certainly get the opportunity to memorize it.

There are many stories of people learning the Quran and reciting them, but the story of Hussein Tahir has shaken every mind. What is his story? How did he memorize the Quran? Read about his story in the article below.

Hussein Mohammad Tahir, a 5-years boy who is blind by birth

Hussein Mohammad Tahir is a five years old blind boy living in Jeddah with his parents. He shocked everyone with memorizing Quran after listening to it from Radio.

How did he memorize the Quran from Radio?

Having a disability of vision, Hussein can’t watch TV, so his father Mohammad Tahir brought Radio so he can be entertained. According to his father, he set the frequency of the Radio to channel that broadcasts Quran 24/7, so he can listen to Quranic teaching if he can’t read it. It was through listening that Hussein memorized the whole Quran in just three years. According to his father,

I didn’t even imagine that this child would benefit from the radio by memorizing the entire Holy Quran.

When did his parents know that Hussein memorized Quran?

Mohammad Tahir shifted to Madinah from Jeddah when his son, Hussein, requested his father to take him to the Prophet’s Muhammad  (صلى الله عليه وسلم) Mosque, Masjid e Nabwi. It was then when his father asked him that he will fulfill his wish at the condition that he has to recite a few verses of Surah Bakrah. But to his surprise, Hussein recited the entire Surah Bakrah. Read more: A Mentally disabled Saudi man memorizes the entire Holy Quran

The conformation that made Tahir cry out of happiness

Out of shock, Tahir took his child to Quran teachers and Hafiz, who has memorized the Quran to check whether his son has learned the Quran entirely and rightly. They told Mohammad Tahir that Hussein had achieved an honor of memorizing Holy Quran and now needs only a few lessons in proper recitation. Out of emotions Tahir said,

This makes me forget all the hardships he endured over the years, having been born blind and with some disability in hand.

Where is Hussein taking these additional lessons?

Hussein is admitted to a Qur’an memorization circle of visually impaired children in the Prophet’s Mosque to learn the lessons. Inevitably, with every hardship, comes ease. Allah has taken the power of vision for Hussein and blessed him with special skills of listening and strong memory. Read more: Pakistani women stitch complete Holy Quran in 32 years

Since memorizing Quran requires effort and willpower, Allah has endowed his blessing on Hussein, who was chosen to be the one learning His book. If all we can do is to recite the Holy Quran that is the confirmation for the Day of Judgment, the books revealed before and what that has yet to come. May Allah give everyone the opportunity to understand the meaning of this holy book. Share this beautiful story of Hussein with your friends.

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