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500 Tourist visitors reached Jeddah

Saudi Vision 2030

With Saudi Vision 2030 in complete swing, Saudi Arabia has opened its tourist visa for people around the globe to visit the region and enjoy the historic places. Recent news has popped up regarding the first phase of tourism and its implications. Read all about it in the article below.

What is the new news on Saudi tourism?

The new news came from the Jeddah, one of the beautiful cities of the kingdom. Somewhat 500 guests got a tour of the historic areas of Jeddah. These people belonged to 60 different countries.

Who were these 500 people?

These 500 guests were the attendees of the international conference on Sustainable Marine Development Towards 2030 and beyond which was organized this month by the Public Transport Authority (PTA) in cooperation with the International Maritime Organization.

What was the schedule of the tour?

The tour scheduled an Umrah in the holy cities and a visit to the Historic Jeddah area.

Who accompanied these people?

The tourists were accompanied by the:

  • Vice President of the PTA Fareed Al-Qahtani.
  • the authority’s employees.
  • Samir Qumsani, founder and chairman of the Saudi Tour Guides Association.
  • Tours guide Sami Khiari.

How did the tour take place?

The tour initiated from Bab El-Madinah or the city’s gate experiencing the Saudi Hijazi favour and witnessed the traditional Saudi Arabia interior decoration and house’s architecture along their journey which ultimately ended with a visit to Beit Nassif or Nassif Mansion.

What information was shared with the tourists?

The tour guide along with other accompanies gave a full explanation on different aspects including,

  • The history of the city
  • Jeddah  historical timeline
  • Ancient methods of construction with excavated stones.

What is Rawashin?

Rawashin is an artistic design that characterizes the Hijazi traditional houses in Jeddah.

What other privileges were given to the tourists?

The tourist had a wonderful time experiencing the traditions and lifestyles of the kingdom. They attended a

  •  folkloric show Ardah.
  • traditional dance.
  • Oboe.
  • Artistic exhibitions and much more.

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Source: Arab News

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