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6 Pakistanis, Including 4 of a Family, Killed in UAE Villa Fire

Whoever has Come into this World has to Die one Day

Every human being who came in this world has to die and a day comes in all of our lives which takes us back from this world. We don’t know when we will die, how our lives will be ended, in what shape, what manner.

Keeping this in view, we always pray that since we have to die, therefore, our end must be a happy ending instead of a tragic end. We always pray that the soul must leave our bodies in an easy manner instead of feeling any sort of difficulty.

The Fire Broke Out in a Villa in Al-Ain (UAE)

Recently it was reported that six Pakistani men out of which 4 was related to one family died in a tragic incident after a fire broke out in their villa in Al-Ain’s Zakher area. The timings of the incident as reported was around 5:53 am on last Friday. Related: Pakistani hero sacrificed his life to stop Christchurch shooter

The Survivor Failed to Notify the Police

The police after its comprehensive investigation concluded that one of the reasons of the failure to prevent the deceased members of the house was that the survivor of the incident failed to notify the police at the right time.

The police further reported that two men present at the location tried their best to put out the blaze on their own but they actually failed to do so. Read more: Saudi expat worker lost his life due to fear of monkey

The Names of the Deceased and their Relationships

The police identified the deceased as follows:

  1. Omer Farooq (Age 23 years).
  2. Khurram – Omer Farooq’s elder brother (Age 27 years).
  3. Farooq (Age 50 years) – Father of Omer Farooq and Khurram.
  4. Ali Haider (Relatives of Farooq’s Family).
  5. Khayal Afdal (Family friend of Farooq’s family).
  6. Eid Nawaz (Family friend of Farooq’s family).

Last Good Bye Before Omer Died

Omer’s closet school friend, Nasir Kabir Khan, said he was with Omer till the “early hours of Friday” and dropped him home. He said that we exchanged salam while leaving without knowing that was our last goodbye”. Related: Indian women last message her husband before Ethiopian airlines crash

Victims’ Mother Got Heart Attack

One of the victim’s (Omar) friend, Nasir Kabir Khan, said it was very painful to break the tragic news to the victims’ family members who are from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan.

“Infact we found out that Omer and Khurram’s (two of the victims) mother had a heart attack on Friday night and she was already admitted in the hospital when the accident happened here,” said Khan.

Both Brothers Just Got Married Six Months Before

Both Omer and Khurram were working at a furniture store and got married just six months ago back in Pakistan. Omer worked in the Al-Ain branch of the store, while Khurram was in Ajman. He was visiting his father for the weekend. Omer’s other four brothers and sisters including mother as well went back to Pakistan a few years ago.

Who was the Only Survivor?

The lone survivor of this tragic incident was Mohammad Raheem close friend of the family whose age is reported around 50 years. He actually travelled from Dubai to Al-Ain to visit the Farooq’s family.

How the Lone Survivor Managed to Escape from the Scene?

The only survivor called as Mohammed Raheem actually managed to escape by breaking the Aluminum roof of a bathroom.

According to Mohammed Raheem, while escaping through the roof, he tried to pull out Omer as well but he fell unconscious after the prevailing suffocation because of smoke.

The Deceased members of the house were sleeping in Two Different Rooms. As reported by Mohammed Raheem, Omer, Khurram, Khayal and Eid were sleeping in one room. However, he, Farooq and Ali was sleeping in another. He said that he woke up due to the feeling of the heat in the room. He said that by the time they realized there was a fire, it had spread all over the room.

Omer and Haider tried to reach the other room, but it was impossible because of the raging flames. Mohammed Raheem escaped by God’s grace, but he said that he was struggling to fight with the loss of his friends.

The Neighbors Called the Civil Defense Team

Mohammed Raheem said that the neighbours called the civil defence, after which a team arrived at the spot. The victims were rushed to Al Ain Hospital, where the six men were declared brought dead.

Condolence Message by Pakistan

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