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6 Ways You Could Lose You’re Driving License in Dubai

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Dubai is one of the most crowded cities of UAE and thousands of visitors travel to this beautiful and modern city every year. The huge number of visitors bring a few bad habits along with their cultures. Reckless driving and driving without a seatbelt is one of the prominent habits.

To avoid the damages caused by the negligence of drivers, the UAE government has taken few initiatives to control the mishap on the roads. The highways of Dubai are built in such a thoughtful way to avoid accidents but still, people from different countries create such a mess on roads.

Many of you may already know that the Dubai government is quite strict when it comes to rules. The RTA department comes up with the new guidelines and the car rental Dubai agencies have to follow them. Because these agencies are somehow involved in that mess. So if you are new in Dubai and want to cheap car rental Dubai make sure to follow all the rules else you will end up losing your driving license

Ways You Could Lose you’re Driving License in Dubai

1). Driving a vehicle without a number plate

Dubai has strict traffic rules that you have to follow while driving a car. The most important is the “Number Plate.” Don’t make the mistake of driving a vehicle without its number plate. Nothing more will happen than giving your money as a Challan or losing your driving license. It is a real crime, and no one is free from the punishment of committing such!

2). Driving without a seatbelt

You can get into real trouble by driving without a seatbelt. Fastening the seatbelt seems an easy job. But this increases the chances of your survival even in case of severe accidents. The UAE Department of Road & Administration has developed stringent criteria for drivers and puts a massive fine on drivers. And it may cause them to lose their driving license.

The UAE government has increased awareness over the implementation of this protection. It ensures that the government cares about its public. If the government cares for you, then why don’t you!

3). Driving while Drunk

UAE has implemented strict drink driving laws that can lead to up to 2 months in jail. Drunk driving is considered a crime in the world and costs you to lose your driving license. Gulf News showed the list of fines that apply to a person who is doing drunken driving. You can also visit the official site of RTA for more information on fines and penalties.

4). Running After the Accident

In Dubai, if a person comes in front of your vehicle and an accident happens. Your job is him to the nearest hospital instead of running away. Accidents in life are unexpected happenings. For the concerned parties, they can be dangerous. If you escape from the point, the authorities will divert their attention towards you and arrest you. Your escape will make the concerned-authorities take your driving license and put you in jail!

5). Overtaking Dangerously

Dangerous overtaking in UAE is considered a crime. A fee of 1000 AED & suspension of license for at least 4-months is payable if you come under police observation.

6). Signals violation

Particular cameras to monitor stop signs in the UAE send the lawbreakers’ data to the concerned department. If the driver, while driving the vehicle, does not stop at the red light, he will have to pay a minimum fine of 5000 AED. If the police officer is strict, he/she will cause you to give your driving license! The fee becomes twice if you injure any citizen while committing this act.

Final Verdict

These are the ways you could lose your driving license in Dubai. A driving license is perhaps the most important thing to keep while driving. That’s why you should be careful and don’t commit any crime that would cause you to lose your driving license. For Rent a Car, contact RentalCarsUAE for professional and affordable services.

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