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8 Cases Where Overtaking is Prohibited in Saudi Arabia

We have written a detailed article below to increase the awareness of traffic laws for our frequent website visitors reading our articles. Previously, we have also written a detailed article on the list of traffic violations and the amount against each violation committed.

In this article, we have collected various Saudi traffic laws related to the overtaking by the drivers. This article will really help you in overcoming those mistakes which you have committed during overtaking cars while driving in Saudi Arabia. There are 8 cases listed below where the driver is not permitted at all to overtake the other car: Read more: Saudi Traffic Department Clarifies to Show Original Saudi Driving License Instead Digital One

S.No. Conditions Details
1 Rain & Fog In the condition of rain and fog overtaking is not completely disallowed and since we know that rain and fog sometimes in Saudi Arabia become quite heavy and it can be a real disaster for a driver to drive speedily and over take the car ahead of him.
2 Opposite Direction Overtaking is prohibited in opposite direction if there is no save chance to overtake. As you know that there are certain highways or roads in Saudi Arabia which become narrow due to ongoing construction and the same road is being used for incoming and outgoing. Keeping in view of such situation, it is strictly disallowed to overtake as it can lead to risk your life.
3 With Another Vehicle Overtaking is not allowed when the next vehicle has already signaled to overtake.
4 Climbs, Slopes & Others Overtaking is also restricted on climbs, slopes, converge and on slippery roads.
5 Another Car Overtaking Even in such a case overtaking is not allowed when the vehicle behind your car has already started the process of overtaking.
6 Long Lines of Traffic Overtaking is prohibited in a case while long lines of traffic are formed with interconnected long lines.
7 Railway Tracks & Others Similarly, it is not allowed at railway tracks, bridges, roundabouts, intersections and zebra crossing.
8 Car in Front Overtaking is not allowed even when the car in front of you having more speed than yours.

We recommend that the abovementioned points related to overtaking must be taken in to consideration because in case of their violation, it can cost significant injuries or can lead to major accidents at the cost of your life. Read more: Locations in KSA Where Drivers will Face Mask Violations SR.1,000

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