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8 Conditions for the Exam of Skill Verification Program for Saudi Expats

Many of our website and Facebook Page subscribers have been enquiring us the different conditions that have been set for the exam by the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development.

Just to ease our readers we have summarized below 8 conditions which are applicable on the upcoming test/ exam of ‘Skill Verification Program‘ for Saudi expats.

1). Any test result is not accepted unless it is conducted through one of the approved centers for the program.

2). Occupations that are subject to Skill Verification test are adopted by the program. They are also announced through the official communication channels of the Ministry and this platform, and they are constantly updated.

3). The minimum passing score required for the test is 50%. The program has the right to adjust the minimum passing score to be published on the platform and the official communication channels of the program. Read more: The Starting Date of Professional Verification for all the Saudi Expats

4). The test can be retaken a maximum of two (2) times in the event that the test was not passed, with a total of three (3) tests.

5). The test includes two (2) sections. The first section is a theoretical test (Computer-based), and the second section is a practical test. Read more: Validity and Fees of Skill Verification Program for Saudi Expats

6). The duration of the theoretical test is thirty (30) minutes. The test-taker can leave before the specified time if finished.

7). In the event of leaking test questions, it will result in the cancellation of the center’s license that permits it to conduct any of the program services. Also, the test center will be prevented from participating in the program and all necessary legal proceedings will be taken. Read more: List of Saudi Expats Profession Subject to the Skill Verification Program

8). The validity of the Skill Verification certificate is five (5) years from the date of issue. It is renewed by taking the test again.

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