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9 Easy Steps to Renew Saudi Council License for Saudi Expat Nurses

Renewal of Saudi Council License

Brief Background of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties

The Saudi Commission working in the Kingdom related to the Health specialties has really done quite a hard work to formulate and outline the generally accepted guidelines for dealing with the practitioners as per their respective qualifications and relevant experiences. The Commission has already established certain assessment criteria for pre-graduation (training) and post-graduation (actual) experience and to certify such practitioners.

The minimum requirements for qualifying to any professional level are the requirements for the programs approved by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which are used as fundamental benchmarks for all the degrees that need to be classified. It should be well-noted that the Commission does not mean to question the academic competence of any institution whatsoever.

The purpose is to put everyone in the place they deserve due to the great disparity in training methods and periods across countries, distinguish those who are competent and up-to-date with the latest developments in the field, and nominate strong and honest practitioners who can be entrusted with human lives in the healthcare sector to assume roles that correspond to their abilities. Saudi Council License

The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties require the health practitioners including the Saudi expat nurses to register their respective qualifications and degrees with the Commission to issue the license after registration the certificate. This registration allows the practitioners to continue their jobs in their respective health sectors companies. The Saudi Commission require such licenses for the Saudi expat nurses must be renewed after every 2 years.

Saudi Vision 2030 Initiatives

It is quite essential to acknowledge that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has really undertaken excellent new measures and wide-ranging initiatives to achieve its Saudi 2030 vision. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is dedicated with its vision set previously and has introduced new amendments in the various functions of the Government departments by introducing certain advancement to serve the Saudi citizens and Saudi expats in a better way. This has eventually contributed to the overall economy of Saudi Arabia commercially and as well as qualitatively.

Introduction of E-Services for the Renewal of the Saudi Council License

Recently, the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties has introduced the e-services for the renewal of the Saudi Council License. In the recent new e-services, there is no paperwork involved, the system allows to renew the Saudi Council License online without any other intervention. Earlier, it was all manual and there used to be big lines in the Government office waiting to submit the documents and get the Saudi Council license renewed. The online system is very easy and comfortable which allows the user to log in to the required website and start the renewal process online till the end, the procedure for the renewal of Saudi Council License is explained below:

  1. Access SCFHS website and log-in to your Mumaris account using your username and password.
  2. Under E-services click Qualification and Registration Services.
  3. Select Registration Card Renewal
  4. Please take time to read the general instructions, this part will show you the requirements needed to renew your registration card.
  5. Fill up the form with the needed information. Don’t worry, for the non-Arabic professionals, it will automatically translate the needed information into Arabic writing.
  6. Make sure that you have completed the required CME hours in order to proceed to the next page.
  7. In this screen, there is an option for you to choose either 3 or 5 years of license validity. If you are planning to stay in KSA for some time better to choose the 5 years validity there is not much difference with the 3 years. The delivery method will be asked on this page; it’s up to you if you would have it delivered for an additional cost or you can claim it in the nearest SCFHS in your area.
  8. This screen would ask you to scan and upload the required documents namely :
  9. This page will ask you with regards to the delivery method, you can choose to have it delivered via SAMSA. I pay an additional 30 SR for shipping.
  10. Lastly, click finish for submission.
  11. If you will go back to your homepage, select my request at the top left portion of the page and you will be able to see the current status of your license renewal.
  12. Once your application is approved, SCFHS will send you an email regarding the method of payment.
  13. Once you receive the email log back into your Mumaris account; go to my request and select display case.
  14. In this screen, you will have options to pay either credit card or SADAD.
  15. Once payment has been completed, you will then be able to receive your license card according to the delivery method that you have chosen.

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Source: Saudi Commission for Health Specialities

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