9 Glorious facts about the interior look of Holy Kaaba

The house of Allah is known as Kaaba, it is also spelled Kaaba. The wood used is one of the strongest types of wood and they were put by the Prophet’s (صلى الله عليه وسلم) companion Abdullah bin Zubair. They are more than 1,350 years old and are dark brown. 

The cube shaped structure is roughly 50 feet (15 meters) high, and it is about 35 by 40 feet (10 by 14 meters) at its base. It is located near the center of the great mosque in Makkah and considered by Muslims everywhere to the most sacred spot on earth.

The inside of the Kaaba is the only place in the world where you can pray in any direction you want!

Walls of Kaaba

The wall directly adjacent to the entrance of the Kaaba has six tablets inlaid with inscription, and there are several tablets along the other walls. Along the top corners of the walls runs a green cloth embroidered with gold Quranic verse. Read more: A light on the life of Imam Al- Bukhari, who collected most of the Islamic Hadith

Pillars of Kaaba

Three pillars (some erroneously report two) stand inside the Kaaba, with a small altar or table set between one and other two. It is claimed that table is used for the placement of perfumes or other items. Some object hang from the ceiling like lamp and lanterns. Read more: Who holds the key to the Holy Ka’abah?

The number of stones

The number of stones written on inside the Kaaba is thus a total of 10, all made of white marble. Inside the Kaaba there are eight stones decorated with Arabic calligraphy using Kufic script. The words on the stones are made of precious, colorful piece of marble. These were written after the 8th century AH. Read more: Black Stone (Hajr-eAswad) is being protected by 24 Guards, but why ?

The curtain

The curtain of the holy Kaaba has covered the door and it periodically changed. The holy Kaaba’s interior is covered with a curtain of red silk that has a texture of embroidery with the embossed name of Allah. They are handcrafted by Saudi Arabian in a special workshop of Makkah. Everything in the holy Kaaba is very preciously and perfectly made.

The stairs of Holy Kaaba

The interior of the holy Kaaba includes stairs that lead towards the hatch. Right side of Kaaba which is Levantine corner has many resemblances with an enclosed structure having a rectangular shape with no window but has a special lock which goes towards the ceiling. Read more: Imam Abu Dawood, an excellent compiler of Hadiths

Black stone of holy Kaaba

The black stone of holy Kaaba is known as the Al-Hajar-ul-Aswad stone is venerated at the Kaaba in pre-Islamic time. The precious stone is bought from Jannah, it was whiter than milk, but the sins of the son of Adam turned it black. Read more: History of Six Doors of KA’ABA Over 5,000 Years

A golden door

A door of the holy Kaaba is repentance on the right opens to an enclosed staircase that leads to the hatch which opens to the roof, the roof and the ceiling are made of stainless steel capped tad wood.

How many times Kaaba was rebuilt?

The Kaaba has been destroyed, damaged, and rebuilt several times. But last reconstructed in 1996 about twelve times Kaaba was rebuilt. When Prophet Ibrahim (May Allah Be Pleased Upon Him) built the holy shrine in Makkah.

After the creation of Adam, the Kaaba was built by him according to Quran. It is the first house on earth. The Kaaba was buried under the sand by the Noah’s flood. The circling around the Kaaba is unity of the believer of one god.

The doors are only opened twice a year.

The Kaaba used to be opened twice a day for everyone to enter and pray, but now that millions of Muslims visit the site, only VIPs and dignitaries go in on special occasions twice per calendar year.

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Source: Al-Arabiya

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