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A Beautiful Journey of Father & Son Travelled to Makkah on the Motorbike

Muslims have a particular affinity to Saudi Arabia due to their religious centers being located there. The Masjid-e-Nabwi in Madinah and Masjid-al-Haram in Makkah are one of the most precious spots for Muslims. They wish to visit these places once in their lifetime. There is a different atmosphere altogether in those places. People invest their total savings in reaching these places, and once achieved, they dwell in the energy of the place. They cry their hearts out and get a separate peace within.

They ask for forgiveness and request their wishes to be fulfilled. Indeed it is a different spiritual journey for Muslims that somewhat changes them from inside out. Our headlines are usually highlighted with various stories of people reaching these places. The famous traveler who went to Makkah for Hajj on feet to the adventurer who went there on cycle, there are many stories. We have covered some of the exciting stories and the interviews of those travelers in our articles before.

But this new article is dedicated to the father-son duo that went to Makkah in the quest of peace and spiritual healing. Read what they felt about reaching their destination and what difficulties they had to face in terms of traveling from Indonesia to Makkah.

The journey of the duo started from Indonesia

According to newspaper 24, the Indonesian tourist and his four-year-old son proved the famously stated fact that you can achieve anything in life with your dedication and passion. They started their journey from Indonesia to Makkah with an aim that the belief of the winner is 100% correct in its place. Read more: Indonesian man reached Makkah on foot to perform Hajj

How did the father-son cover their journey to Makkah?

Father and son completed their journey to Makkah by traveling across ten countries in a period of eight months. Indonesian father Lilac told Sky News Channel that,

He had been preparing for a long journey. He started his journey from Jambi, Indonesia, and reached Saudi Arabia through 10 countries. There were many difficulties during the journey, but the true spirit of reaching the destination overcome all difficulties.

What was the motive of Lilac during his journey?

Indonesian tourist Lilac’s dream was to visit the Holy place and pray five times a day in the Holy Mosque. Another motive of Lilac was to create a record of the customs and culture of the people of the ten (10) countries through which he had to travel from Indonesia to Saudi Arabia. Read more: Saudi man attends the Marriage Ceremony of the Indonesian’s Maid Daughter

How old was his son with whom Lilac traveled?

Lilac’s son was only (4) four-year-old with whom he traveled to Makkah through a distance of 20,000 km by bike. Read more: The World’s largest wooden Quran is attracting visitors

Surely, Strong determination, persistent struggle, and mission will bring a loved one to their destination. The father-son duo proved this through their remarkable journey towards Makkah. It is a blessing to reach these holy destinations. Every adventurer has their separate aim, but what keeps them moving is undoubtedly the strong aura of these spiritual places. May we all get the chance to visit these places. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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