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A car seat is mandatory for children in Saudi Arabia

With children around, you need to take extra steps to ensure their safety. It is the beauty of parenthood as well as affection everyone has in them with children around them. You make additional measures to secure them from any harm, especially in case of driving and moving around on roads. We are well aware of the increasing statistics, and dangerous accidents happen every other day. It is not only important to drive safe and but with necessary precautions.

Where seat-belt is considered the least concern for drivers, the culture of using car seats for children is also odd. People prefer carrying a child in their laps while driving or at the front passenger seat. It is a crime as it is highly dangerous for the life of the children. In foreign countries, a strong emphasis is put on using a car seat for toddlers. However, it is noteworthy to read that among the middle-eastern Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia has strict rules for car seats. Read what Hadeel Radhwan has to say about it.

Car seats are mandatory for children in Saudi Arabia

According to the laws of a traffic violation, if a driver is found driving a car with children without a car seat, it will be considered a crime and will be fined heavily. In a Twitter message directed by the traffic police spokesperson, he said

Underage children should not be ridden alone in a car without a specific chair.

What are the violation charges for the car seat?

According to the statement made by traffic police, the drivers who do not use the car seat can be charged 300 to 500 riyals as a fine. The fine will be directed by the police personnel, who will determine the invoice according to the nature of the violation. Read more: SR 300 Fine For a Child Below 10, Sitting on the Front Seat of a Vehicle

Is the law for car seat new or old?

The law for carrying children in a unique chair or car seat is outdated, but now the law is being officially implemented. According to the law,

Putting the baby on the front seat without a chair is considered a serious violation, as riding a small child on the front seat of a car can be extremely dangerous.

Hadeel Radhwan supports the law for car seat

In a conversation with local newspaper, housewife Hadeel Radwan, who has 2-year-old twin girls and a 1-year-old son, said

I was always raised to follow safety regulations because they’re there for a reason. If I put a seat-belt on, then my life matters, and so should be my children’s. If my child trips, it’s OK because he or she will get back up and move on. But when accidents happen something I can’t control as a parent, I must protect them to the best of my abilities. Read more: List of Traffic Violations in Saudi Arabia for 2020

When should the parents be informed about this law?

According to Hadeel Radhwan,

Parents should be prepared and briefed from the hospital on the day of delivery to provide these seats and boosters

What could be the possible reasons for not using the car seat?

Discussing the possible reasons for not having a car seat, she strongly disapproves of the fact that parents who drive with their children on their lap. She said,

Parents should be more aware of the damage that can happen to a child, even from the slightest bump or pothole, I can’t say why exactly, but some may be just careless, some have no idea about a car seat, some can’t afford it, and some want more people to fit in the car. A car seat can go up to the age of 12 years. Read more: Traffic Violations will now be Detected through new system known as CATSO

Car seats teach children discipline according to Sara

Teaching assistant Sara Bayazeed, who is a mother to a 12-month-old son, told Arab News that,

There are crazy drivers out there. Even if we drive reasonably, we don’t know if the other person’s car is functioning properly, or there could be uncontrollable circumstances, I believe car seats teach children to be more disciplined. Fines are a must to force parents to use child car seats, just like anywhere else in the world where children’s safety is important. Read more: Procedure of Recovering the car from Saudi police yard through new online Absher system

It is better later than never. The government has started implementing this outdated law, and now it is the prime responsibility of parents to follow this law and make it useful for the safety of their children. Share the article and let us know in the comment section what you feel about it?

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