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A Cyclist fined SR 3,000 by Saudi Police

Traffic Violations

It has been observed that Saudi Arabia has very stringent laws related to traffic violations and the core reason is due to the higher rate of moralities due to the car accident in the previous years.

The year 2017 historic data exhibits more than 7,000 people died due to the car accident in the kingdom, which is slightly a lower than 2016 (i.e. 9,000).

Recently, a cyclist crossed a red signal violating traffic rules and was penalized a fine of SR 3,000 by Saudi Police in Al Rass, North- West of the capital Riyadh.

A traffic source confirmed the fine, explaining that the amount was the same as applied to vehicles, those crossing at red lights ultimately violating the traffic regulations.

The news spread like wildfire all over Saudi Arabia and provoked all the citizens and the social media users.

This news teaches us that, we should obey the relevant laws for our safety and adhere to the prevailing guidelines.

Source: Gulf News

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