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A Great Lesson from a Woman Tea Seller in Madinah who went to Twitter to complain and got her Right Back

Important lessons are usually taught by ordinary people. It is on us to understand those lessons and learn from them rather experimenting on our own. A random woman in the sacred region of Saudi Arabia also teaches society some important yet worth taking lessons.

Who is the tea seller?

A Saudi national, middle-aged woman living in the city of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) sets up a tea stall in King Abdul Aziz Street for earning. A mother of 4 daughters and 2 sons make up her living in a way that could maintain the family honor and modesty.

Why Municipal took action?

Since a woman was working on the streets of Arabia and that without any municipal permit, some of the departments of the government found it as a concerning issue and reported to the municipal department which on quick response closed down the woman’s stall. Read more: Saudi man attends the Marriage Ceremony of the Indonesian’s Maid Daughter

How the woman protested?

The stall was the only source of income for the woman’s family. The woman protested against the municipal action in a different way, She went to Twitter a platform of this era, to raise her voice. People on twitter supported the woman and even created a hashtag (#theteaseller).

Municipal department stance

The Municipal department was quite quick in responding to the ongoing protest. They passed a statement saying, that they closed down the stall because it doesn’t have a permit. They have to follow the rules and regulations of the city even if anyone is selling Zamzam, dates, food or anything else or any origin. They often arrest hawkers and side road traders for the same cause. Read more: Saudi woman gifts a mobile phone to her housemaid after her phone was stolen

Saudi Commission for Tourism and Heritage (SCTH) action

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Heritage took the final action against the ongoing dispute and gave the woman a temporary corner at the Al-Salam festival and a permanent location at the Heritage district at the King Fahad Park. The issue got resolved and the woman continued to work diligently to run her house.

Is it the final solution?

 Even though everything went normal what stays is the question that is it all that is needed to be done? A temporary or permanent corner is not the need of time. The local and governing bodies need to re-think on their solutions. Such similar stalls are found in different areas surrounding mosques, government departments, and heavy traffic signals. Read more: Emirati Woman divorces her husband because he loves her a lot

They are the decent source of income for the industrial oriented people. Providing means to excel is required than providing corners for their setup.

Lesson 1 taught by a woman

The most important lesson told was to raise your voice against in a gentle and polite way to achieve your goal. Twitter is the new media which spread your voice across the world and allow people to support for you until the big heads listen.

Lesson 2 taught by a woman

Another lesson taught by the woman is to be wise and practical. She knew the value of social media influence and how to use the platform. Woman or generally people of her age have no idea about these social sites. She taught people that it is important to walk with the trends of the time.

Lesson 3 taught by a woman

The story proved the fact that the forceful shutting down people’s business is of no use rather their need to be given a permanent solution to provide them comfort and prosperity.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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