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A Heroic Pakistani driver saved the Saudi family from the Possible Fatal Accident

Road accidents are one of the worst forms of accidents. The reported cases are quite high in Saudi Arabia, where the people blame the high-speed drivers driving carelessly, the smooth roads and less traffic allows these people to drive irresponsibly. Although Saudi Arabia has introduced many laws, strict regulations, penalties and violation fees for people driving above the speed limit, yet the Saudi citizens and Saudi expats manage to drive and escape the strict rules, cameras and eyes of Saudi authorities.

Hundreds and thousands of accidents occur every day and majority of them are due to road accidents. Saudi Arabia itself is at the top of the list of rash driving and deaths due to road accidents. Due to motorway roads all the facilities are at far distance which leads to late accessibility to rescue or other official personnel.

But the things were changed when a Pakistani driver took the responsibility of the official personnel and helped the ones hit by the blow of car accident. What was the incident? What happened at the Makkah road? What was new is the escape of these lucky people from death. How did they escape death? To answer all these curious questions, read the article below.

The car of the Saudi family went to the fire

It is reported that a Saudi family was travelling to the Sabbath when their vehicle suddenly caught fire. The Saudi citizen immediately contacted the local civil defense for their help when a nearby water tanker driver saw them.

How did the Pakistani driver help the Saudi family?

The Pakistani water tanker driver when saw the family in trouble, he immediately ran to their help. He firstly helped the children out of the car and then watered the car with fire. When the local civil defense reached there, everything was in stable condition. The authorities appreciated the Pakistani youth.

What were the remarks of the Saudi family after the help?

It was the Pakistani driver’s appropriate measure that saved the car and the family. The Saudi citizen expressed gratitude and told the media that,

The Pakistani driver not only saved the lives of the children and me but also saved my car from disaster by taking timely and appropriate action. If I would waited for the defense personnel, it would have been possible to burn the whole car.

Certainly, the Pakistan youth have made the nation proud on this act. What important was how he took timely action and saved the lives, else another family would be caught in the fire of rash driving and worst accidents. Everyone of us should also consider the fact that how a little carelessness can be fatal not only for us but our families.

It is the need of time to reach anywhere a little late or get from your bed early then to cover the loss of time by driving fast on the roads. 

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