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A Saudi man divorced his wife because she bought Albaik on his Birthday

Divorces in Saudi Arabia

Divorce has become a grave disease in the world. The drastic increase in the ratio of divorces has caused all the big heads to join in hands to answer the underlying whys and how’s. In the western world, the lack of culture, tradition and religious sentiments along with the societal flow keeps divorces and marriages at par with one another.

But countries like those situated in Gulf or Asia have string cultural and traditional ties along with their religious aesthetics that prevent one from divorces. However, our stable society promotes marriages. But in recent time the social issue has become a major concern in countries like UAE, Kuwait and other gulf countries including Saudi Arabia.

Although a number of them can be attributed to reasonable causes, however, the rest is just absurd. One biggest example is the recent news that shook everyone who read about it. What is the news? Read about it in the article below.

Saudi man divorces his wife because she bought Albaik

A ridiculous story made to headlines in Saudi Arabia when a Saudi man divorced her wife. Ain Al Yaum, a social worker who handled the case, said that a man had divorced his wife because she went outside the house without informing him to get his favourite food on his birthday. They were a newlywed couple who met this unfortunate destiny.

Why did the wife buy Albaik without informing his husband?

The man’s wife decorated the house for his surprise birthday celebrations and just was left with the food. Since Al Baik was one of his favourites, she decided to get it for him from a branch opened in the city of Al Kharj. Since she wanted to surprise her, she booked a taxi from a ride-hailing service and went to Al Baik. Read more: Emirati Woman divorces her husband because he loves her a lot

What made the Saudi man angry that causes him to divorce her wife?

On her way back home, the car broke out due to which the man’s wife got late, and his husband reached home. On not finding her home, he got angered. And, as soon as she arrived home, her husband drove her to her parent’s house and told them that he was divorcing her. Read more: Ministry of Justice Introduces New System of Divorce Notification Through SMS

What was the reaction of people on this divorce?

As soon as the news broke on Twitter, people started giving their thoughts. While some appreciated the fact, others were sad about the bizarre incident. People said,

“How could she leave home without asking for her husband’s permission?”

“Such a stupid decision on the part of the husband. He should’ve thought of his wife’s feelings. All she wanted was to celebrate his birthday.”

“Unfortunately, divorce is becoming a piece of cake.”

“Her luck betrayed her, and she married this regressive person.”

“This is better for her, good riddance.”

It is not the first time a ridiculous divorce took place

On discussing this divorce situation with the psychoanalyst, Dr Hani Al Ghamdi, he told that it is not the only weird divorce case filed. Many others shook him over the previous years. He told,

  • Earlier this year, a man divorced his wife because she forgot to add a sheep’s head to a rice dish she served to his dinner guests. 
  • In one such case, a man divorced his wife because he couldn’t stand the tone of her voice.
  • In another, a husband divorced his wife during their honeymoon because she wore an anklet. 
  • Another case, a husband divorces his wife because she walked ahead of him in a mall even after he had asked her to stay behind him. 

What could be the possible explanation of this massive number of divorces?

According to Al Ghamdi, the high rates of divorce in the kingdom are due to lack of knowledge among people when it comes to the core values of marriage. In an interview with Al-Watan, legal marriage officiator, Hmoud Al Shammari said,

Amid the rising divorce rates, counselling services must be provided to newlyweds and married couples in general.

However, in 2015, the kingdom led the Ministry of Justice to launch marriage workshops, but the separation rates continue to rise. 

Several of the kingdom’s counselors and social workers are working on raising awareness on the issue, especially among young people in the country. It is essential to understand the act of marriage and the responsibility you are going to undertake before ruining someone’s life. Share your thoughts on this absurd divorce story and let us know in the comment section how can this increasing rate of divorces be stopped?

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