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A man attacked with a knife on 3 performers on Stage in Riyadh


With new Saudi tourist visas open for all, people are visiting the kingdom in great numbers every day. Where tourism is promoted, the traditional culture and heritage get a chance to showcase itself.

Saudi Vision 2030 is going on in full blow until the recent incident popped up and terrified everyone. If you have no idea, read the article and get aware of the recent happening in the kingdom.

The incident that threatened the future of Saudi tourism

A recent incident is reported in the Saudi Press Agency according to which, 3 performers were stabbed during a play in Riyadh on Monday night. However, the culprit is arrested according to new news and delegation. Read more: The Saudi woman threw acid on her brother and his family in Jeddah

What did the police say on the prevailing issue?

The spokesperson of Riyadh police said,

“At around 8.00 p.m. Riyadh police have arrested a Yemeni national, aged 33, after he stabbed two men and a woman who were members of a theatrical group during a live show in a theatre at King Abdullah Park in Malaz district, in the center of the capital city,”

How did the incident take place in Riyadh?

The incident takes place in the concert where a man entered the stage and attacked performers who were busy performing on the music section because the time was short. Read more: Saudi woman is arrested for hip-hop dance while wearing a Niqab

The actual image was viral on social media.

The whole video was viral through Al-Ekbariya in which a man carrying a knife was seen going to the stage to attack performers. Minutes later the security men immediately stormed and overpowered the attacker. Read more: Saudi Man on Trial after Throwing Metal Hammer at his Wife

Are the artists survived after the incident?

The artists received superficial wounds that were provided treatment and they were in stable condition. The spokesman said adding that:

“Police started an investigation into the incident. SG/SPA.”

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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