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A Man Commits Suicide inside Al-Haram Masjid in Makkah

A European born man committed suicide at the great mosque of Makkah, in the proximity of the Kaaba, Islam holiest shrine. This is not the first suicide at Islam’s holiest shrine. After this incident the body of a foreign man transported to the hospital. No one knows the reason behind this act.

Reasons of Suicide In front of Kaaba

Actually suicide is the cause of intentionally causing of mental disorder. In Islam suicide is considered Haram. But why this French man committed suicide or why he killed himself. People were reacting so innocently and they were shocked after seen this act.

No one knows nothing but they share what they thought about this incident. The behavior gives the impression that he was mentally disturbed. Read more: Man tries to sell fake Kaaba Kiswa for Dh.7.8 million

Reaction of people regarding this act of suicide

Some people think that he survives with some mental health issue, rest of other think he can’t control the feelings after seen the holy Kaaba for the very first time, many people said that depression is the main cause of his suicide.

Mostly the people think that he just fed up of his life. May be he suffered with something serious in his life. Read more: Honest cops return bag full of money to Hajj pilgrims in Makkah

Why a man has leaped to his death?

There is no cause of reason found yet, Saudi authorities said the foreign pilgrim died instantly on impact at 9:20 pm. In the holy Kaaba this was not the first act. In last February a Saudi man tried to set himself on fire in front of Kaaba. Read more: Indian Mother’s prayers bring ‘dead’ son back to the life

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Source: Khaleej Times

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