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A New Addiction in the market – Eating Glass

People are addicted to different type of intoxications. Some use drugs like cocaine, heroin etc while others go for smoking and drinks. But the recent news made everyone shocked.

What is the new addiction?

Recently the ANI of India reports that a middle-aged man is addicted to eating glass. It was being shown in the video report where the man was found chomping those glass pieces and swallowing it down to his throat.

Who is the crazy man?

This addicted man is Dayaram Sahu, a lawyer from Dindori, India. He is a pretty old man as from his confession of eating glass from past 40 – 45 years. Read more: A two-year toddler killed her Mother Accidently

Why does he eat glass?

As per asked, the aged man said that all he does in a long day at work is eating the chunks of glass. He got addicted to it from an early age and suffering from it. The glass has caused major damage to his teeth and therefore he has started reducing it. However, even though he eats glass he won’t suggest anyone eat or have such a worse addiction. Read more: Indian Minister is working on Cow Urine to Prepare Medicine


Does her wife know about this?

The New York Post reported that his wife confirmed the media that she knew about her husband’s strange addiction. She was shocked at first when she learnt about it but now she is used too of it because this is her husband’s major trait. Read more: A World Record – The oldest mother gives birth to twins

Is he going to pass on the addiction?

As per a gentleman, based in Madhya Pradesh, India he will never suggest anyone have glass addiction. Thinking it had caused him internal bleeding is the reason behind his denial is wrong as per suggestions the glass spectacularly damaged his teeth. Read more: The Ran away Indian guy came back home in Sharjah

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Source: Gulf News

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