Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

A New List of SOPs for Different Sectors have Released by Ministry of Interior

COVID-19 is contagious virus originated from China. It has been spread throughout the world causing several causalities. However, the whole world went under lockdown to prevent the spread of this virus. It’s been more than three months since the country went under lock-down. Throughout that time, different policies and precautionary measure have been published by the government to ensure the safety of the people. Recently, a new list of SOPs have been released by the government. To know more, read the article below.

The Issuing of Precautionary Measures

The Saudi Interior Ministry has issued further instructions on Coronavirus prevention and protection measures.

Where can we Find these Instructions?

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the Interior Ministry said that,

Revised SOPs are being issued for various sectors, the details of which can be seen on the ministry’s website.

Is there any Increase in the SOPs?

He further added that there will be an increase in the SOPs. He said,

The areas for which SOPs have been increased include vehicle training schools, institutes, men’s and women’s tailor shops, funeral prayers and burial, wedding and ceremony halls and nursery homes.

For which Sectors the SOPs are Revised?

The sectors whose SOPs have been revised include mosques, barbershops, beauty parlors, domestic and international flights, luggage and passenger boats, retail, wholesale and shopping malls, restaurants, cafeterias and trains. These also include sports, gymnasiums, public recreation areas and marine recreation. Read more: Ministry of Interior Lifts Ban on Further Activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

What Instructions are Given for those who Violate these SOPs?

The Interior Minister also added that,

All concerned centers and departments are bound to abide by the security measures under their purview. Violations will result in fines.

Will there be any Change in these SOPs?

According to the Interior Ministry, the SOPs will continue to be amended because of the Coronavirus situation and the investigation teams have been assured to implement them.

The Saudi government is trying to ensure the safety of the citizens by implementing all these precautionary measures so that this virus wouldn’t spread more. However, all of us should play our part in preventing the spread of this pandemic by washing our hands, maintaining social distance and by staying indoors. Wear masks and gloves whenever leaving the house. For more information and inquiry, visit our website. Stay safe. Stay tuned.

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