A Saudi Baby Girl Born with a Heart Outside the Chest

In Saudi Arabia, a baby girl was born with her heart out of her chest. However, according to the medical team of the Amir Sultan Center for Cardiac Surgery, they have successfully performed a complex operation on a baby girl born. The girl is ten (10) months old and her heart was born out of her chest. Was she suffering from any other issues? When the doctors did diagnose this issue? To know the answers, read the article below.

Was the Girl Suffering from Other Birth Defects?

According to the local sources reported that the girl was suffering from several birth defects. The structure of her stomach, heart, and chest was very complex and strange.

When the Diagnosis was First Made?

Hail Al-Mulhim, the girl’s father, said doctors at a private hospital made the diagnosis while the baby was in the mother’s womb. Medical examinations revealed that his heart was tilted to the right.

When was the Operation Suggested by the Doctors?

According to the doctors at the government hospital, the heart was outside the chest trap and had a large hole in it. It has to be operated on in the womb itself. However, this operation was very delicate. The father of the girl opposed it and said that the risk of operation can be taken only after birth.

What was the Reaction of the Hospitals after Hearing the Case of the Girl?

Hail Al-Mulhim said,

When it became clear that the girl’s heart was out of her chest, I contacted several Saudi and foreign hospitals – each refused to take up the matter because of the complexity of the situation.

He then sent the medical reports abroad and travels to the United States and European countries for treatment. Everyone refused the operation, saying the case was too complicated. Looks like all roads are blocked.

Hope for the Cure of the Girl

Amir Sultan told the whole story to Saudi Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Khalidi in Medical City. He said that the girl may have an operation. Hearing this, hope arose in the heart of the father for the cure of the girl.

When was he Given the Operation date?

Dr. Al-Khalidi postponed the operation because of the Corona epidemic. When the girl was ten (10) months old, he was given an operation date. They went to the hospital with all sorts of worries about the baby. During the operation, 8 hours passed on him like a resurrection.


How is the Baby Girl Now?

Al-Mulhim said that this operation of my daughter which took place here is the first in the whole world. He thanked Dr. Khalidi and the support staff for the success of the operation and thanked that today his daughter is playing with laughter and joy and is living a normal life.

The baby girl was born with an exceptional case. There was no hope for the baby in the beginning as no hospital was willing to take the case due to the complications of the surgery. However, Dr. Al-Khalidi decided to take the operation and saved the life of the baby and granted her a normal life. For more information, visit our website. Stay safe. Stay tuned.

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