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A Saudi girl found her lost mother after 20 years

Parents are a blessing. Every child wishes to have their parents next to them as they grow up and have children of their own. Similarly, every parent wishes to have children of their own with whom they can be children again and play and see them grow old. But unfortunately, there are hundreds of cases where the family can’t stay united. Either the personal differences led to divorces and separation, or the natural calamity or death leads to children and parents to stay away from one another and live their lives for the rest of their lives.

But the story of a Saudi girl and her Indonesian mother is quite different. How did they meet after 20 years? Why have they separated at the first stage are questions all need answers for? Read the article to know about them in detail.

The meeting that made everyone emotional

A Saudi woman met her Indonesian mother after 20 years through a Skype video conference call. The call was arranged by the authorities in the Saudi Embassy in Jakarta and Riyadh office. The Saudi Ambassador to Jakarta expressed his feelings saying,

“It was a very touching meeting, The embassy on Friday arranged a visual meeting between the daughter and her mother. It was a very touching moment because of the difference in languages,”

Can the daughter-mother meet in reality or not?

As per the Saudi ambassador in Jakarta, the embassy is working hard to arrange a live meeting between the mother and daughter either in Jakarta or Riyadh. The Indonesian mother married the Saudi man but left the Kingdom when her daughter was 3 years old after the death of his husband.

How did the mother-daughter duo meet after so long?

Thaqafi told the media that he was being ordered from the higher Saudi authorities to care for Saudi citizens living abroad, help them, support them and solve all their problems. Under this order, a Saudi woman contacted the section of the Saudi affairs in the embassy where she requested the help of the embassy to help her find her Indonesian mother.

How did the embassy manage to find the mother?

According to the ambassador, after searching all the files, they found out that the marriage of the Saudi husband and his Indonesian wife was documented in both countries as per legal orders and all the identity papers were correct which allowed them to made extensive search ultimately helping them in locating her mother.

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