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A Saudi man gift a car to help the old man with an elderly daughter


In this cruel world, where people have no concern with the person next door, where all are busy in their own lives spending time on social media and living in solitude, the humanity certainly has died from society but some people carry a ray of hope for other people who are in dire need.

Below is written the story of a kind heart human that helped others out of respect and affection.

Who is the kind hearted man?

The philanthropist, a person who serves humanity through his money and actions remained anonymous. He wanted his actions to speak louder than the fame to carry on his shoulders.

What did the philanthropist do?

The philanthropist helped an unknown poor man and eased his suffering by donating a car to the old man. He helped him after reading the newspaper.

Who was the old man?

The old man was Mahmoud Abbad Bouali commonly known as “Uncle Mahmoud”. He was a 75-years old man living in the Al-Tuhaimiya district in Al-Hassa governorate.

He has a daughter whose health conditions weren’t sufficient enough to be allowed to travel through the school transport system so he moves her 2nd grade child through a wheelchair every morning and afternoon.

What happened to her daughter?

Uncle Mahmoud told Saudi media that his daughter had broken bones and could not ride the buses, especially the high ones. He showed her to more than one hospital but nothing could help her recover.

Why the Saudi man captured the old man?

A Saudi captured the old man and tweeted where it was shown that the old man was carrying his daughter on his chair. It was posted to interact with the Saudi society and reach some officials in the state.

He tweeted that although the video gained attention and he had received news of various aid but nothing has been received yet.

What was the news about the old man?

A local newspaper published the story of an old man moving his daughter through wheelchair to and fro from school under the heading

“For the second year, a wheelchair-bound elderly daughter transporting his daughter to and from her school”,

The story was widely shared, appreciated and sympathized with father’s love and courage. The philanthropist was one of the viewers who read, appreciated and helped the old man.

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