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A Saudi Whatsapp Admin arrested due to Harassment

Living in a global world and being connected through social media has made our lives much easier. But have you ever thought with the increasing facilities come many threats.

Cyber crimes are now evolving as one of the largest and major cause of crime. Have a look at one of the interesting cyber crime stories which took place in Saudi Arabia.

What was the Crime?

The cyber-crime reported at the police station according to Al-Arabiya news is that a WhatsApp group admin is alleged for being disrespectful and did harassment. Read more: The Mother Inhumanly killed her daughter by putting her in the Washing Machine

What did the Woman Allege?

According to reports, a woman named “Hassa” was added to a Whatsapp group. The group admin introduced her in a different way calling “now Haseesa is a part of our group.” The member felt it as disrespect and went to court. Read more: Father Arrested by Saudi Police for beating his 3-year-old Daughter

Why did the Admin call Haseesa?

It is a tradition in Saudi Arabia to change people names out of love and respect. The admin expressed her love and introduced her in a warm welcoming way but the member didn’t understand. Read more: Saudi youths rescue panicking kids stuck in house fire

Did the Admin go to Court?

After filing the case, the admin has been sent a showcase notice for hearing in the court. Read more: A Single Tweet Changes the Life of a Teenager

Why the Admin is held responsible?

According to the cyber crime laws of the kingdom, the account holders on any platform of social media are responsible for any content posted from their accounts. In case of any violation in the WhatsApp group, the admin of the group is responsible for it. Read more: New Feature: Now Nobody Can Add You on Any Whatsapp Group Without Your Permission

What are the Saudi Minister remarks on the case?

The Saudi Minister Hamd Alrazin told the media that:

The words and emojis used during conversations on social media can be responsible for cyber-crime. Any case brought to court is duly heard and assessed before any final decision. At times, the cases are only to waste the court timing. In such cases the one who alleged anyone should be made responsible to pay the fee.

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