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A statistical overview of marriages and divorce in the kingdom

Divorces in Saudi Arabia

Marriage is a sacred bond between two people. It is the contract where they not only share their beds but their personal spaces, their whole lives with one another, for the rest of their lives. But with marriages comes the inevitable part of a divorcee. If the couple doesn’t sink through, doesn’t have understanding, issues arise resulting in conflicts, dramas, chaos and ultimately divorcee.

Religion Islam considers divorcee as a high as Haram thing but it isn’t Haram though because there are cases where women suffer abuse, personal attack, humiliation etc. Apart from both aspects, hundreds of thousands of people marry and divorcee every year. The similar ratio was estimated in the recent year in Saudi Arabia and interesting facts were obtained. Scroll the article below to read about them.

The statistical analysis of the number of marriages Vs divorcee

Al-Watan, a local daily, reported a statistical report by Justice Ministry on Tuesday according to which more than 11,000 marriages happened in all parts of the Kingdom, in just one last month versus 4,797 divorce cases. Thus an average of 143-320 marriages was taken place in 1 day.

From where did the data was collected at a higher ratio?

According to the report, the marriage contract between two Saudi nationals was 45% out of 89% came solely from Riyadh and Makkah whereas, 48% divorce cases occurred in the respective cities in the last month. Read more: Increasing Divorce Rate in Saudi Arabia – Debate Underway for Issuance of Marriage Permits

An estimate of over the year statistics of marriage and divorce

According to Judicial report, the daily marriages range was between 341 – 851 with an increase of 20% in marriage contracts as compared previous year whereas, a minimum of 2,430 and a maximum of 5,192 divorce cases occurred in the last year.

Comparison of Saudi couples with foreigners

The data obtained by Judiciary reported that 95% of divorce cases were between Saudi couples with only 4,318 divorce cases between Saudi couples in the last month however, 479 divorces between foreigners. Read more: Ministry of Justice Introduces New System of Divorce Notification Through SMS

What is the divorce ratio in different cities of the kingdom?

The divorce number was varying in the different regions and cities of the kingdom as following,

Riyadh 1191
Makkah 1108
Eastern Province 701
Asir 415
Qassim 227
Hail 175
Tabuk 156
Jazan 143
Al-Jouf 116
Najran 89
Northern Border Province 84
Al-Baha 70

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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