A Story of 72 Years Old Man Who Saved Money to do Hajj This Year

Hajj is one of the basic tenets of Islam which is obligatory on those who can afford it. Many people who have been raising money for this purpose for the rest of their lives will not be able to perform Hajj this year due to non-permission of Hajj pilgrims from abroad due to Coronavirus. They are disappointed that next year will be a breath of fresh air.

The Story of Mian Muhammad Iqbal

Mian Muhammad Iqbal, a 72-year-old retired Subedar from Noor Jamal village in Gujarat district, and his wife Ghulam Sakina Bibi are among those who have been trying to go on Hajj for years.

Sold this ancestral land for the Hajj Application  

When the anguish exceeded the limit, he sold his ancestral land and submitted Hajj applications. When the name came up in the lottery, both of them were not happy. Ghulam Sakina Bibi said that when she heard the approval of Hajj applications, she continued to perform Sajdah-e-Shukr all the time despite her lack of knowledge. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Mian Muhammad is a retired Army Subedar

Subedar Mian Muhammad Iqbal retired from the army almost 20 years ago after 27 years of service and worked in a security company for another 13 years. He taught in village schools, madrassas and continued to run his home system. The eldest of the two sons collect milk from the village and sells it in the city, while the youngest son is unemployed.

Have performed Umrah Once

In 2008, Mian Muhammad Iqbal’s Umrah ticket came out in the draw of Naat Mehfil in the nearby city of Dinga and he performed Umrah. He further said,

From the day I returned from Umrah, there was only one longing, desire and longing that Allah would call me to his house once and show me Madinah.

Coronavirus was a full Stop to his hopes

He said he had high hopes that Corona would end and good news would come. That is why they used to watch and listen to the news with great care every day. He said in an emotional voice.

When I heard the news that Saudi Arabia had apologized for hosting foreign pilgrims because of Corona, I was disappointed.

Meanwhile, Subedar Mian Muhammad Iqbal’s voice was muffled and he said that what is acceptable to Allah will happen.

The Condition of their Grandchildren made them Sacrifice their Desires

His wife Ghulam Sakina Bibi said,

Sons sometimes collected fifty, sometimes a hundred and sometimes a thousand, but when they saw the condition of their sick grandchildren, they had to sacrifice their dearest desire.

Allah’s permission is above all

He said that if permission for Hajj is not granted then we will be forced to take back the money because we don’t know if we will be loved by Allah next year and the children will keep going round the offices to get the money back.

They will take back the money. There are some requirements that they will meet. The rest will be submitted. If Allah gives respite, then maybe next year Allah will provide the means and we can have the happiness of Hajj. May the best will come up for them and all.

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