Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

A Teacher Dies While Taking An Online Class in Saudi Arabia

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, all the schools were closed as a preventative measure and online classes were taken as an alternative to prevent any loss of students. However, during one of these classes, a teacher lost his life in front of the students. To know the details of the story, read the article below.

Where did this Incident Happen?

In Dammam, a city in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, a teacher died in front of students while taking an online class. The local newspaper reported that,

The teacher (Mohammad Hassan) suddenly fell to the floor while taking a class from the online “My School (Madrasati)” platform and lost his life in a few moments.

How did his Colleagues Found out About Death?

Another teacher at the school said he learned of his colleague’s death through social media after duty. Several students and teachers reported on WhatsApp that an Arab teacher at the school had died while taking a class.

From Where was the Teacher Taking his Online Classes?

According to the colleague of the deceased teacher, the teacher was not at the school but was taking online children’s classes from a neighborhood house near the school, at the time of the accident.

Who Reported the Incidents to the Other Teachers?

He pointed out that the incident was reported to the other teachers by the students who took classes through the “My School (Madrasati)” platform.

What did the Doctors say When he was Taken to the Hospital?

Immediately after the report, several colleagues rushed to his house to help his fellow teacher. They also summoned the Red Crescent at the same time. Upon arrival at the hospital, the doctors examined him and told them that your fellow teacher had lost his life.

The teacher lost his life during an online class and even though the students reported the other teachers on time his life couldn’t be saved. Stay tuned to Saudi expat news for more information. Stay safe.

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