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A two-year toddler killed her Mother Accidently

The mother-child relationship is something all giving and caring. Especially at the age of 2, a child is all naive and innocent but what happens when the child kills her mother?

Who was the mother who got killed?

The unfortunate mother was Yulia Sharko from Žabinka in Belarus, an account manager who died by an unfortunate incident on her 21st birthday on 31st of August. She was a mother of two girls Margarita and Arianna from her husband Arthur. Read more: Woman sits on Mating Snakes, gets Bitten and Dies

Why the child killed her mother?

The little toddler was sitting in the car with a half-open window. Yulio came to lift her child through that window when the child accidentally pushed the automatic button to close the window. As a result, her neck got stuck in the window and led her to death as per report citing law enforcement. Read more: Emirati Woman divorces her husband because he loves her a lot

When Arthur did come to know about it?

Arthur, Yulio’s husband and the father of two, came to know about the freak incident when her wife’s body went lifeless in the afternoon of 31st August. He got terrified when he saw her wife stuck in the window, as per The Sun reports, and quickly broke it to release her out of it. He called the emergency and rushed her to the hospital. Read more: Car runs over child playing at petrol pump

What happened to her in the hospital?

She was taken to the hospital where she stayed for eight days before she died as per the Daily Mail reports due to asphyxia which leads her to brain damage. A local report says her brain suffered irreversibly due to clamped arteries. She couldn’t get to back to conscious state till her death after the incident. Read more: House maid sentenced to 300 lashes by the court of Saudi Arabia

What is Asphyxia?

Asphyxia is a medical term for choking in general. The tissues, organs or vessels are deprived of oxygen due to abnormal breathing. It can lead to unconsciousness or even death in several cases. Read more: A World Record – The oldest mother gives birth to twins

What has the investigation committee found yet?

Leading the Belarus Investigating Committee, Dmitry Ivanyuk said that the incident took place at 4:30 pm when the family was on a visit to their friends in a village named Staroe Selo. Read more: Indian Mother’s prayers bring ‘dead’ son back to the life

As per their initial report, her husband found her stuck in the jammed window of the front left side of their car, BMW E34. She went to the Brest regional hospital in a poor medical condition with clear symptoms of trauma and mechanical asphyxia. They are further investigating the circumstances of death.

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Source: Daily Mail

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