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A Unique Incident Where Isha Adhan Completed by 2 Muezzins in Al-Haram Mosque

Masjid Al-Haram Makkah is the most sacred place in the religion of Islam. prayer is one of the five pillars of Islam. Thousands of Muslims offer prayer at Masjid Al-Haram five times a day. Muslims also circumambulate the Kaabah seven times after prayer to gain more reward. It is also a belief that offering prayer at Masjid Al-Haram has more reward. Special persons are appointed as Muezzins in the Holy Mosque who are excelled in their field and their family is giving Adhan generation after generation.

Mostly our articles cover the bibliography of a Muezzin at Al-Haram or unique features of the Holy Mosque. This article covers the unique incident that occurred at the Holy Mosque. First time in the history of the holy mosque the Adhan of Isha was completed by two muezzins. Let’s read about the complete incident.

Sheikh Ali Ahmad Mullah, Senior Muezzin of Holy Mosque

Ali Ahmad Ma’alla is a senior most Muezzin of the Holy Mosque. He was born in 1945 (1366 AH) in Makkah. He belongs to the family in Makkah with most of people honoured to become Muezzins of the Holy Mosque. Ali Ahmad Ma’alla became the Muezzin of holy mosque after the death of his cousin Shiekh Abdul Malik Mullah who was also the Muezzin of Holy Mosque. He has been performing the duties of Muezzin since 1975 which makes him the senior most muezzin at the mosque. His voice is unique. He is remembered all over the world as “ Bilal al-Haram”. Read more: It takes only 45 minutes to clean Holy Mosque (Haram) of Makkah

Unique Incident of one Adhan Completed by Two (2) Muezzins

According to reports the senior most Muezzin of the Holy Mosque was giving the Adhan of Isha that suddenly he felt discordant and was unable to complete the Adhan. Therefore another Muezzin Hashim Al-Saqaf present at the duty with him took over the mike and completed the Adhan of Isha. Read more: An Amazing story of a miraculous thief in the city of Makkah

What Happened to Ali Ahmad Mullah’s Health?

Talking to local news channel over the telephone, Sheikh Ali Ahmad Mullah said,

Now his health is better. He suffered severe flu stroke due to the which he could not complete the call, but now his health is slightly better. I am grateful to all those who have worried about my health. I assure all of them that I am recovering and I will begin to perform the duties of  muezzin soon.

Video of Ali Ahmad Mullah Issued by the Authority

The Saudi Arabia’s government released a video clip which shows that Ali Ahmad Mullah’s voice was suppressed. This situation was caused by a sudden deterioration in health.

Specific System of Adhan at the Holy Mosque

There is a specific system of Adhan in the mosque. Engineers and office workers are deployed for this. Mecca has 24 people appointed for Adhan. There are 140 people working in the department of Adhan. All are highly qualified and well trained in their field. The call of the Adhan comes through seven (7) thousand loudspeakers in Haram Sharif. At each prayer, seven (7) thousand loudspeakers are turned on for Adhan and Takbir. Read more: An Amazing story of a miraculous thief in the city of Makkah

Indeed, the Saudi government has maintained a well collaborative system for Adhan at the holy mosque and it must be well maintained as the holy mosque is the center of Islam. What do you think about this unique system of Adhan at the holy mosque. Express your views in the comment section below.

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