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A Unique Restaurant in Pakistan Where Deaf & Dumb People Working in Dhaba

These days Restaurants (Dhaba) owners bring something really special to attract the audience towards them. As a marketing strategy many Restaurants (Dhaba) owners come up with special funny names and slogans. And some invest in great interior. But this Restaurants (Dhaba) owner never tried to impress people, he help the disabled to earn money without feeling inferior to anyone.

“Aa Kay Khao” A Unique Name with a Unique Story

There is a Restaurant (Dhaba) in Sector F6, Islamabad, the Capital of Pakistan. Where deaf and dumb young people continue to sell food and drinks through the ‘drive-through service’ even in the days of the Coronavirus.

No One can Speak a Word!

The unique part about the Restaurant (Dhaba) is that every waiter and worker in that Restaurant (Dhaba) is disabled. Most of them having hearing impairment and they convey their orders through sign language.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) can’t Stop them

The Restaurant (Dhaba) was inaugurated about a month before the pandemic broke out. So, they also took the precautions by wearing masks and gloves. Then they have also tied a rope about 4 feet away from the counter so the customers cannot touch the counter and the passage of germs can’t take place.

“Drive Thru” Service is the only Selling Way here

They also try their best to make the Restaurant (Dhaba) a drive thru center by not allowing people to step out of their cars and receiving their orders in the cars.

They Help the Poor’s and Want Others too

The food is never wasted in the Restaurant (Dhaba). Any remains of the food are delivered to the poor people in the Basti (Where poor people live) right behind the Restaurant (Dhaba). The owners just wish that everyone in the world help each other. At the same time, they are helping the poor.

The Restaurant (Dhaba) owners had to reopen the Restaurant (Dhaba) after the pandemic because the workers working over there are depending on the Restaurant’s (Dhaba) income. As they were giving all their time to the progress of the Restaurant (Dhaba).

We must also try to take precautionary measures to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. We should help the disabled by allowing them to work happily with us and coordinate with them to let them live their best life. Stay safe stay at home and keep reading the good stuff.

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