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A White Man Attacked on the Muezzin in London Mosque During Asr Prayer

Terrorism has no boundaries. It has no religion, caste or creed. It is the inhumane and barbaric act performed by people who have lost their senses and the concept of right and wrong. The real masterminds behind them are disgusting people who lack heart and emotions. It was quite unfortunate for the Muslims and especially Pakistan being the target of terrorism. Not only they were the victims but were also known as the ones taking part in these activities.

It is sad that we, as human beings, have started to allotted terrorism to one religion or region. The new incident in London is a clear indication of the fact that everyone is a victim of terrorism, and it is important to start finding solutions for terrorism than banning religion or country. What happened in London? Read the exclusive coverage done by us for our people to know about the sad incident. Scroll below and understand what happened in the context of terrorism.

A White Man Stabbed the Muezzin with a Knife

According to the official statement, a 29-year older man stabbed a 70-year old Muezzin, the person who makes the call for prayer in the London Central Mosque near to Regent Park with a knife around 15:00 GMT during Asr prayer.

What Happened When the Man Stabbed with a Knife?

Soon after the man attacked the Muezzin, he was caught by the worshipers who broke their Asr prayer to stop the man from the attack. Abi Watik, who witnessed the attack, said,

The arrested man had been seen at the mosque previously, and the Muezzin was stabbed once in the shoulder. He was praying behind him (the Muezzin) and then he stabbed him. The man was waiting for him. I think to start praying. He was right behind him and was silent the whole time.

Did the Police Catch the Attacker or not?

A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after the stabbing incident inside the central London mosque. The police are not considering it as a terror attack. Police believe the attack was an isolated incident and have increased patrols around the area saying,

We are providing reassurance to worshipers and the local community.

Images from the inside of the mosque showed a man wearing a red hooded top, jeans and with bare feet being pinned to the floor by police officers. A less than 15 cm knife was seen on the floor under a plastic chair near to the man. Read more: Nikkah is not a Legal Marriage in the UK Anymore

What did Helen Harpe Brief Media About the Incident?

Ch Supt Helen Harpe briefed the media saying,

A 29-year-old man was arrested at the scene, and he has been taken into custody. The man is believed to have been attending prayers inside the mosque. This incident has undoubtedly caused a great deal of concern, and we are working as swiftly as possible to establish the circumstances.

The Muezzin Assured He is Alright After the Incident

The Muezzin was taken to hospital by paramedics where his condition has been assessed. The attack is termed as no not a life-threatening attack. The mosque’s director-general, Dr Ahmad Al Dubayan, said, Read more: Pakistani Hero Sacrificed his Life to Stop Christchurch Shooter

I  had a brief phone conversation with the muezzin in hospital, who said he was okay and feeling well.

What Did the Authorities Remark on the Incident?

An adviser to the Mosque, Ayaz Ahmad told the media, The stabbing would have been life-threatening if it wasn’t for the worshipers.

Director of the Faiths Forum for London, Mustafa Field told reporters, “The attack was one stab, one strike, around the neck of the victim. Then the congregation members, some of them broke their prayers, and intervened, restrained the individual.”

Dr Al Dubayan said, “We are so sad about what has happened, and we hope it’s just one-off the incident, not related or motivated by any hatred.”

Miqdaad Versi, from the Muslim Council of Britain, said, “It deeply concerns that this has happened… Given other recent attacks elsewhere, many Muslims are on edge,”

Prime Minister of London,  Boris Johnson tweeted expressing his grave concerns saying, “Deeply saddened by the stabbing incident. The thoughts are with the victim and all those affected.”

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said, “The Met Police would be providing extra resources in the area following the attack. Every Londoner is entitled to feel safe in their place of worship,”

The people expressed their thoughts on the incident as well where the majority was busy expressing their views on the brutal event other believes it is vital to start an awareness campaign to assist people who have to cause terrorism to avoid these incidents in future. We hope that everyone stays safe and sound. For more updates, stay tuned with us till then share the article and let us know in the comment section what are your opinions on it.

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