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A Woman and her Child died due to a burst of Air Balloon 10,000 Feet in Air

Life is short. So it is the time to enjoy and experience new things in life. But have you ever thought what will happen while creating good memories and ultimately it becomes bad?

What will be the result of any experience which becomes life-threatening or even cause death? Read below to know what happened with the poor woman and her child and their death-causing air balloon experience.

Who was the Poor Woman?

According to local reports, the mother was a 31 years old Ms Suo and her 3 years son accompanied her during the air balloon flight. Read more: The Mother Inhumanly killed her daughter by putting her in the Washing Machine

How the Accident did take place?

According to various newspaper reports and the video of the death flight, the mother and son sat on a basket harnessed with ropes attached to a hot air helium balloon. During the flight, the ropes to the ground snapped letting the helium hot air balloon ride freely in the atmosphere to a critical height along with the basket where both of them were sitting. Read more: Father Arrested by Saudi Police for beating his 3-year-old Daughter

How did they Die?

Investigations are still underway about the possibility of their death. The Reports suggest that the helium hot air balloon busted resulting in the death fall of the woman and her son. It is still unknown how far they went into the air. Read more: A two-year toddler killed her Mother Accidentally

 Where the Incident did take place?

The incident took place at the Majiagou eco-tourism village near the city of Yantai in Shandong province of China. The incident happened on the 1st of October when the village was crowded with people and capturing the ride of the unlucky woman and her child. Read more: Saudi youths rescue panicking kids stuck in house fire

How much did the Experience cost?

According to reports, the experience is free as for the entrance to the amusement park cost $15 or £8. The balloon wasn’t allowed to fly up to 164 feet or 50 meters above the ground. Read more: Delta plane’s engine fails mid-air, passengers panic

Did Police arrest anyone?

The Yantai police have arrested 5 people as a result of the investigations. The Majigou staff members told the local media that the police have found the area to be illegal and unauthorized for any activity. Read more: Mother saved a falling child from the building

What was the Police action?

The tourism activity at the scenic park is suspended until next order. However, a small region has been given to be used for activities without any idea for the punishment it will face for the reports received on the part of the negligence of the authorities.

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Source: Khaleej Times

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