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A World Record – The oldest mother gives birth to twins

Records are made to be broken. However certain records exceed the thinking capacity of an ordinary person. Similar happened on Thursday at the eastern state of India named Andhra Pradesh when an old woman gave birth to twins through IVF treatment.

How old is the woman?

Uncertainty regarding the woman’s age is found as BBC Telugu service who spoke to the couple and the doctor says the woman is 73 years old. Whereas, the Hindustan Times and Indo-Asian News service when spoke to woman, her husband and their doctor reported her like 74 years. This uncertainty mainly lies because birth certificates are not common in India. But irrespective of her exact age, she is still the oldest women for the world record.

Woman remarks on childbirth

Erramatti Mangayamm, the woman who delivered twins at old age, when spoke to BBC Telugu service said: “It is the happiest time of my life.” Read more: A Man Commits Suicide inside Al-Haram Masjid in Makkah

Speaking to Indo-Asian news service, she said: “God has answered our prayers.” She and her husband went to many doctors in search of this blessing and finally found success.

Remarks of the Doctor who carried this delivery

Dr. Uma Sankar who carried out the caesarian section told the reporters that Mrs. Mangayamm and her babies are healthy and fine. Each one of them is approximately 2 KG in weight. The delivery went quite smooth and easy. Read more: Honest cops return bag full of money to Hajj pilgrims in Makkah

Commenting on her pregnancy the doctor said, she found no health issues even though Ms. Mangayamm was quite old. Dr Uma is hopeful that the woman will have no serious issues even after delivery.

IVF treatment is given to the woman

Speaking to SWNS as per their reports, the doctor told that because Ms. Mangayamm reached menopause so she could not release eggs. Therefore, they had to take the egg from a donor female and fertilized it with the sperm of her husband. It was quite lucky in her case that she got pregnant in her first attempt in January.

What’s the age of the lucky man?

As though the record will be set for the woman being the oldest to deliver twins her husband is no far behind in age. Mr. Rajarao Mangayamm is 82 years old as per BBC news. The BBC Telugu service didn’t mention his age whereas, the Hindustan Times and SWNS report that he is 80 years old.

Did  Rajarao get a stroke?

Happiness in the old age is dangerous. Mr. Rajarao, the lucky father got a heart attack on Friday, the very next day of his twins birth as per reported by the BBC News. Luckily he survived but is currently in hospital getting treatment.   

The previous record of oldest mother to deliver

The record was previously held by woman María del Carmen Bousada who lived in Spain. She became a mother at the age of 66 through an IVF treatment. Unfortunately, she couldn’t live a long life an died of ovarian cancer 2 years after the birth of her child.

In 2016, a woman in India gave birth to her child was suggested to be of 70 years. She became a mother after 2 years of IVF treatment.

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Source: The Independent

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