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According to the New Research: People with Blood Group A are more Exposed to Coronavirus

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Coronavirus, or scientifically known as Covid-19 is the deadliest disease of the decade. Infecting more than 16 million people and drastically killing thousands across the globe, the virus has made sure to terrify every human being on Earth. Where scientists are busy working on vaccines and various treatment methodologies, the countries are taking necessary precautions to restrict the disease.

Being the novel disease in nature, researchers are busy in understanding the mode of transmission and causes of its infection. Many rumors were spread earlier regarding the precautions which were later put down by scientists. However, a new research has come forward terrifying a specific group of people. Who are those people? What does the research says? Read all about in the article below.

The New Theory of Coronavirus Distinguishing People on Basis of Blood Group

Medical researchers in China took blood group patterns of more than 2,000 patients infected with the virus in Wuhan and Shenzhen and compared them to local healthy populations. They found that blood type A patients showed a higher rate of infection and they tended to develop more severe symptoms, while those with type O seem more resistant.

Why is there a Need to Consider Blood Typing?

Wang Xinghuan and the group of researchers with the Centre for Evidence-Based and Translational Medicine at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University wrote a paper which got published in Medrxiv on 11th March which concluded on following results,

Of 206 patients who had died from Covid-19 in Wuhan, 85 had type A blood, which was 63% more than the 52 with type O. The pattern existed across different age and gender groups.

Does Difference in Blood Group Leads to Different Treatment Strategies?

Yes, even though the study is preliminary and more work is needed, the researchers urge governments and medical facilities to consider blood type differences when planning relief measures or treating patients with the virus because.

It might be helpful to introduce ABO blood typing in both patients and medical personnel as a routine part of the management of Sars-CoV-2 and other Coronavirus infections, to help define the management options and assess risk exposure levels of people.

What Does the Paper Suggests the People with Blood Group A?

Since there’s a difference in the incidence of infection the paper wrote,

People of blood group A might need particularly strengthened personal protection to reduce the chance of infection, whereas, Sars-CoV-2-infected patients with blood group A might need to receive more vigilant surveillance and aggressive treatment. In contrast, blood group O had a significantly lower risk for the infectious disease compared with non-O blood groups.

Is the Results final Conclusion to the Fact of Incidence?

No, the results are not done to death final. The study was conducted by scientists and doctors from cities across China including Beijing, Wuhan, Shanghai and Shenzhen. But it has not been peer reviewed, and the authors cautioned that there could be risks involved in using the study to guide current clinical practice. Gao Yingdai, a researcher with the State Key Laboratory of Experimental Haematology in Tianjin who was not involved in the study, said,

It could be improved with a larger sample size. Though 2,000 was not small, it is dwarfed by the total number of patients infected by the Coronavirus, now exceeding 180,000 globally.

What is Blood Group a Limitation to Study itself?

Blood types are determined by the various antigens on the surface of blood cells. However discovered in 1,901 and tested frequently for safe blood transfusions in patients yet the theory of how these blood groups evolve and the phenomenon, such as the molecular interaction between the virus and different types of red blood cells is unknown.

Coronavirus is not the only Virus Linked to Blood Types

According to previous studies, blood type difference has been observed in other infectious diseases including,

  • Norwalk virus.
  • Hepatitis B.
  • Severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars).

Are Blood Type O Safe from Coronavirus?

No, this is not the case. According to Gao at the Tianjin lab said, “The new study may be helpful to medical professionals, but ordinary citizens should not take the statistics too seriously. If you are type A, there is no need to panic. It does not mean you will be infected 100%. If you are type O, it does not mean you are absolutely safe, either. You still need to wash your hands and follow the guidelines issued by authorities.”

With passing time, the scientist and researchers will continue publishing any clue they will get. It is important to follow the precautions and stay safe until situation gets normal. We will keep updating our visitors on any news regarding Coronavirus. Till then, please share the article and subscribe us for daily updates.

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