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According to the New Study: The Latest Coronavirus Comes From Dogs

The whole world is currently in the grip of the coronavirus and scientists are continuously researching it. However, in a recent study, scientists in the United States and Malaysia have discovered that dogs can transmit a type of virus to humans.

What have the experiments shown about the transmission? What is this virus called? How is it transmitted? To know more, keep reading.

Test Showing the Presence of the Virus that has Never been seen Before!

According to the sources,

Scientists have tested 300 people in Malaysia, eight (8) of whom were infected with a virus that has never been seen before. The tests were performed on a sample taken from their nose. Scientists have named this type “C-Cove-HUBN-2018”.

Transmission of the Virus From Dogs to Humans

The scientists confirmed that only dogs were infected with the virus previously, but now it has begun to infect humans as well. However, the transmission of this new type of virus from one person to another is not yet known, and its effects on the human immune system are still unclear. Read more: A New Pandemic Potential Virus is Discovered in China

Concern for the future

A research scientist, Anastasia Vlasova, from Ohio State University rejected the study, saying the world could be exposed to a new virus epidemic, but she was not entirely satisfied with it. However, it could be a source of concern in the future. Read more: Hantavirus: Is the World Ready for this New Virus Recently Witnessed in China?

Although this recent discovery was rejected by the research scientist, the possibility of such a virus can cause severe problems in the future. To stay updated, visit our website. Stay tuned to Saudi expat news. Read more: According to the New Study: Eating Chicken Linked to Higher Cancer Risk

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Source: The New York Times

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