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Akon & Tamer Hosny Coming to Jeddah to Perform Live in Music Festival JTTX

A new article, a new topic under the highlighted beam of Saudi Vision 2030! Yes, with every passing day as the year 2030 is near, the country is moving at a rapid pace towards the aim it targeted to achieve. Indeed, the severe blows in the kingdom have many controversies and conflicts with it, yet the scheme has managed to bring in the required positivity it hoped for. From diversifying the economy with tourism to employing Saudis in the local firms and offices, the country has progressed in the right direction.

With every sun that rises in the kingdom brings the new sunshine with a ray of hope and blessings. We have been covering the various events in the kingdom throughout the past year under the banner of Saudi Vision 2030, whether it is the WWE championship or the snooker tournament, might it be the October festival or the gigantic New Year celebrations. And like always team The Saudi Expat is here to give you an exclusive insight of the JTTX festival in Jeddah that is making hype across the kingdom and worldwide. Read about it in the article below

The JTTX Music Festival is Scheduled in Jeddah

The JTTX Music Festival in Jeddah begins on February 27, 2020. This festival will be on a similar foot as Middle Best Music Festival in Riyadh. This music festival will have three different concerts on it.

How was the Beat Music Festival of Riyadh?

The musical program in Riyadh, called Middle Beat, was one of the thriving music festivals of the kingdom. It broke all popularity records. The number of fans reached nearly four (4) million in three (3) days. Tourists from all around the world came to attend this festival. The events of the Middle Beat festival were held in five (5) theaters. Hundreds of artists and DJs from different countries participated in it.

How is the JTTX Music Festival Planned to Execute?

The GTX music festival will have three (3) concerts. In only 1 day, 17 DJ’s will be managed in 2 theaters, the tickets of which are about to expire.

Who will be Performing at the JTTX Music Festival?

According to local newspaper, Arab and international singers and artists will be attending the Jeddah Music Festival. Among them are

  • Akon.
  • Tamer Husseini.

Location of the JTTX Event in Jeddah

Timing of the JTTX Event

  • From 04:00 PM till 02:30 AM and only children age 12+ are allowed.

Booking a Ticket of JTTX Event

Click here to book your ticket.

Who is Tamer?

Tamer Husseini is the Egyptian megastar who will be performing in the JTTX. Captioning on Instagram account, Husseini said,

 I am so happy to be performing in a big event such as the JTTX Music Festival on February 27, it’s my first standing live concert in Jeddah,

Surely this festival is a part of the various celebrations in the kingdom towards diversification of the economy, modernization of the kingdom, and Saudi Vision 2030. We hope that these festivals will take place in high spirit and fulfill the dreams that the country has dreamt of. With wishing luck, please share the exclusive insight within the circle and let us know how you feel on Tamer Husseini performing live in the JTTX festival?

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