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Al-Bashawat: Cheapest Store in Jeddah (Everything is from SR.1 to SR.10)

I and my family live in Jeddah, there are many departmental stores in every street for daily necessities but when we heard about the Al-Bashawat store in Jeddah and many people have started talking about it, so then my family and  I decided to go at this store.

The main reason for the popularity of this store is that it has a wide range of variety for every basic need of life at very cheap prices. When we reached there around 4 pm, there were a lot of people were waiting outside. After waiting in queue we got the chance to go inside and look around the store.

Umrah & Hajj Visitors & from other cities of KSA should visit Al-Bashawat Store

Are you a visitor to Saudi Arabia on Haj or Umrah Visa? I believe the Hajj & Umrah Visa holders are allowed to visit the city of Jeddah. By the way, most of the Umrah and Hajj visitors normally visit Jeddah city for different amusement and especially for the visit of a very famous market called Al-Balad.

Al-Balad is a very renowned market which is quite famous because of the sale of a variety of items along with the cheapest prices which is difficult to find anywhere else. Read more: Places to Visit in Jeddah

We recommend that those visiting Jeddah on Hajj and Umrah visa should visit Al-Bashawat store, where they can buy the bulk of their required items for a price ranging between SAR.1 to SAR.10.

If you find that the items will have more weight to carry with you through your normal flight luggage, you can definitely cargo them through any air cargo services offering cheap prices. We assure you after adding the cargo cost also, you will find the prices of the Al-Bashawat purchased products cheap as compared to anywhere else. Read more: Top 8 Coldest Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia During Winter Season

Visiting Hours of Al-Bashawat Store

S.No. Days Timings
1 Sunday – Thursday

9:00 am – 12:30 pm.

04:30 pm – 12:00 am

2 Friday 04:30 pm – 12:30 am
3 Saturday 09:00 am – 12:00 am

Location of Al-Bashawat Store

Different departments of the store

The store has different departments from office stationery to fashion accessories and from kitchen cutlery to bathroom toiletries. This is the best store with almost all kinds of daily usage things at SR.1 to SR.10. Read more: 5 Incredible Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia & Explore

The place has a huge Variety of Products

We can’t imagine that Al-Bashawat, is full with different variety of the same things. This store is also for those who can’t afford the higher prices. One step into the store is a shopaholic’s dream come true. Read more: Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Visit in 2019

As you enter this store you will see decorative soaps, cleaning agent, spice jars, sugar bowl, and snack serving tray, fridge jugs, fancy glasses, plastic wraps, and water dispenser. The lanes are filled with choices between plastic and glass materials.

Stationary Department

I found almost everything I needed. I love to collect stationary so I first hit the office supplies like a notebook, highlighters, pencils, and 30 packs of 4 neon pens. I also bought zebra pens which were SR.10/3pcs (Blue, Red, Green) all the office supplies looks branded so, I was happy to buy all the office stationery in just 10 riyals.

Crockery items

My mother loves to buy some crockery from the store she bought so many kitchen crockery, cute jars, well-made plates, and cups, and home decoration material. Because the store has so much variety to choose from that we didn’t even get to see the other half of the store.

Al-Bashawat is a great departmental store to buy branded crockery which is in just SR.5. My mother was surprised to buy all crockery which was affordable at other stores.

Kid’s accessories

To the perfect room to perfect dress up for kids accessories are available. Kids love to play with toys either they are a girl or a boy. My mother bought a lot of girl accessories for my little sister from this store which includes small cute clips, bands, shoes, dresses, and toys as well.

Everyone has a dream to look perfect either they are poor or rich. The needy people have also a dream to dress up well and  Al-Bashawat store is there for those people also who want to shop but within the budget.

Decoration Candles

I love to decorate my house and my room so I bought some candles from the store. The candles look very pretty to hold, and the glass of the candle was very classy and colorful.

More designs were available at the store but the colorful candles attract me so, I bought them all and candles holder also, every candle is different from the second one. Candles are a wonderful way to bring aromatherapy into your life.

The environment of this Store

The store was very crowded if people have a chance to buy things at low prices then why they would go to the expensive stores. So, people choose this store Because of its cheap prices and better quality things.

The environment was very clean but not calm the mess of things surrounded all over the store. That is why all types of people were there for shopping. The main goal of this store is to provide better for all.

Last step

After so many shopping from the Al-Bashawat store we went to counters to beat the long line so that the store won’t close on us we arrived at 4 p.m. but it’s almost 8 p.m. public establishments close the store during prayer times so we managed to run towards the counter. We bought a lot of stuff but it was our first experience and great experience over there. My family and I decided to visit the store again.

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