A Story of a Coronavirus Patient from DeathBed

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Episode 1

A Story of a Coronavirus patient named as Alwa’s who is between surviving and death

Entering into 21st century was certainly not the dream of human beings. Where the life is rapidly revolutionized with technology, accessories and gadgets people have forgotten to enjoy the real essence of life. We all are so busy running with the speed of clock, we have scheduled our sleeping patterns with our work and duties. We meet our family only when there’s any wedding or death ritual until or unless we aren’t occupied with our jobs.

Isn’t it strange that our priority should be our blood relations and friends not the temporary money but the lust of money, status and power has made us forgot everything. However, Coronavirus came as a blessing in disguise. Even though it is no less than a nightmare for the world yet it is the best opportunity for people to take a break from the hustle of life, sit back, smile and enjoy the memories they have created.

Quarantine and lock-down has allowed people to re-live their childhood, spend time with the Mighty God and then their family. It is the best time to realize that Allah has given you enormous blessings and among them health is still the top most blessing one had. Writing essays on health is wealth was never effective in childhood until I was on my deathbed longing for life like nothing else.

My food cravings turned into life craving…

Being the only child, often results in complete pampering and unlimited love from parents which makes a child stubborn enough like me. However, in my opinion, I fairly deserved it. Longing for a child for 22-years and then finally having a daughter, what else my parents wouldn’t have done for me. Fortunately enough I got a big gang of friends who loved and respected me.

Living in my own small world, I didn’t really bother what could be the possible reason of Quarantine and lock-down until one day out of hunger and craving for burger made me leave my house to the famous fast food chain adjacent to my home in Riyadh. Things were quite smooth as it was my daily routine to drive off to fancy food chains for lunch. However, today was not the day. I started coughing badly in the evening.

I must have heard my parent’s advice…

Father and mother insisted a lot to get a regular checkup from my the nearby clinic but I thought it is just a regular cough because I drank cold drink with cheese burger however, the next day I felt down and cancelled my plan with my best friends for a pizza party. I started feeling like an old lady who couldn’t walk up stairs with severe pain in abdomen, ribs and lower body.

While they were taking me to the hospital, I started getting afraid of any big disease of which I can become a victim. I was at all not ready to listen to my parents and go to the hospital. I was very lousy, weakened and hardly managing to dare to walk. I had 1000 of question in my mind, If I to get admitted in the hospital, If my reports highlight a severe disease to the doctor and above all If I become a victim of any Chronic disease which is incurable. Meanwhile I was having all these thoughts in my mind.

I felt like an injured warrior searching for medical aid…

The day stretches the longest that particular day. I was almost hardly breathing even. Carrying me on a stretcher the medical staff took me to a red zone. Everything was like a horrific movie when the doctors were speculating that I might have caught the deadly virus and they don’t know what to do next. In the red zone, commonly known as the Covid-19 center in the hospital the doctors immediately put an oxygen mask and upped my oxygen level while carrying different tests.

After multiple tests, it was finally confirmed that I was suffering from double pneumonia. My lungs were badly inflated and I was positive for coronavirus. My parents were told that they can’t see me anymore and are suppose to stay in touch through phone. Before leaving them and getting alone, I requested them to share my story everyone in the world and they promised whatever the thoughts, observation and feeling I will share with them talking on phone they will pass it to the rest of the world, this is how I am connected with all of you.

The First day in the dark room was quite similar to the graveyard…

If not to exaggerate much, the room or the bay where I was suppose to live until I breathe my last breathe or get a new life was no less than a graveyard. The room was very horrific, very far from the people where I could feel all alone. Believe or not the building scenario was sketching my death process. I was thinking how I will die, how much pain I will suffer, will it be too painful or it will come when I will fall asleep.

On the first day, I was all alone lying on bed 24/7. It felt like I am a leftover at the market who no one wants to take home. Only personnel used to visit for daily checkups. When I struggled to breathe, I would buzz for help and would have to wait for staff to get their protective equipment on before they could attend to me. I was scared I was going to die and I didn’t want this too soon. I wanted to live like badly. Living in the bay was like living in a dark pit where there was no ray of hope. It was like a dead end. I could feel like my body was leaving me. I never wanted to live this badly than before.

Just to divert my mind from the darkness of my room, I tried thinking other things, however after a lot of try I couldn’t think of anything else other than my parents and siblings. I was thinking how they would be missing me and crying due to the loneliness. As I was thinking of all this, I heard some voices of grunting and full of pain, I found couple of more patients were being brought in the room. There medical condition was like mine but more severe.

To be continued in the Episode 2…

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