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American Singer Amazed everyone by reciting the Holy Quran with proper Tajweed

Holy Quran is one of the greatest wonders of Allah. Being revealed on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during the period of 23 years in the early times and yet the book is safe with its original meaning without any changes. Thousands of people read this Holy Quran everyday, every other second to understand the eternal message given by Almighty Allah applicable on human beings, to understand the solution of various complexities of life, apprehend their life situations and move forward with positivity and peace.

Although the Holy Quran is written in Arabic language, it is translated into various languages for people to understand its meaning. The recitation of the Holy Quran is an art in itself. The most challenging among its recitals is the scripture recitation involving Tajweed. Not every person can recite in Tajweed as it starts below the Arabian language.

What is Tajweed?

Many people does not know the meaning of Tajweed and become confused when this word is being discussed. The word Tajweed is the set of rules governing the way in which the words of the Holy Book Quran should be pronounced during its recitation.

However, to excel in the literature, the Arabic teachers even ask the singers and musicians to listen and recite Quran in Tajweed to learn and understand it. Recently, an American singer, however, stunned everyone with her perfect recitation of Quran in Tajweed. See what she has to say about it in the article below.

Jennifer Grout got a big break by Arabs got talent

Jennifer Grout is an American singer born and raised in Boston. She used to perform in Syrian cafes situated in Montreal and then after her graduation; she moved to Morocco. There, she reverted back to Islam and married her Moroccan friend. Being a massive admirer of Arab culture, she took part in Arab got talent 2013. She sang different Arabic classic songs and also became the first non-Arab finalist in the history of Arabs Got Talent 2013.

How did she come to recite Ayat ul Kursi in Tajweed?

In a Facebook post on her official account, Grout told that her Arabic music teacher asked her to listen to recitations as other Arab musicians do. She used to perform in various festivals from the world after taking part and competing in Arabs Got Talent. However, recently she made to headlines when she recited Ayat ul Kursi. According to her,

Quran recitation is an art in itself and can be appreciated by anyone and everyone.

What is the importance of Ayat ul kursi in Muslims life?

Ayat-Al-Kursi is a part of the Holy Quran. The literal meaning is The Throne Verse. It is situated in Surah Al Baqarah at its 255th verse. It holds considerable importance as Muslims believes it gives divine protection if recited at night.

Future aims of Jennifer Grout concerning Arabic culture

Sharing her admiration for Arabic culture, she aims to learn more about it. She has also sung a lot of Andalusi, Amazigh and Persian songs apart from Arabic songs.

Islam is indeed the beautiful religion and one way or other, everyone is attracted to the beauty of it. It is important for Muslims who are blessed by this religion to follow the guidelines given in the Holy Quran and spend their lives in a prosperous way. Circulate the news in your circle and comment below of any story you know about the non-Muslims getting fascinated by Islam. We will definitely share your story to the masses In Shaa Allah.

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