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An Amazing story of a miraculous thief in the city of Makkah

Saudi Arabia has a special place in the hearts of every Muslim. The holy places, the Islamic history, and ideology preserved in the rocks and mountains attract every believer towards it. People pray for their whole lives to visit such places and when they reach there, they cry & their hearts speak out in front of the house of Allah with all due and required supplications, wishes, and duas.

It is the blessed area, the blessed house and certainly the effort a person inputs while praying that Allah Almighty accepts his dua’s immediately. But what if the miracle is dramatized for the sake of theft? After all in a place where hundreds and thousands of people come to pray it is a good spot for the pickpocket. Read the recent news about the scandalous miracle.

A blind man gets his eyesight back after praying

According to the video went viral on all different social media platforms, an Egyptian man was seen celebrating apparently after regaining his eyesight back. According to local news, he was a blind man who came to Makkah as a pilgrim. While he was offering namaz in Masjid-ul-Haram, he got his eyesight back. Out of happiness, he started hugging and kissing people around who came to congratulate him. He was seen saying in Arabic,

“I got my sight back again, God, Thank you, God. Allahu Akbar,”

Was it a drama to seek attention or steal accessories?

After the video was uploaded the people started circulating the video within their circles where a different story arouses to the big curtain. According to the news and other local media houses, the blind man was not blind in actual, but it was a drama set-up to steal money and pickpocket. The claim was supported by people, who saw minor details which stand a big question such as the following tweets,

“Thank God, an Egyptian’s sight returned yesterday at Makkah. But I have a question… The blind guy is wearing a watch on his hand. Honestly, I give up.”

Another man found another detail as they believe it is quite odd for a blind man to carry such stuff while keeping in the notice he/she can’t see. He tweets,

“And glasses.”

Part 3 of the same Miraculous blind man surf on the internet

The story doesn’t end here, but this mysterious story has another side when a young man named Tamer Sayyed appeared on the curtain and claimed to be the blind man’s son. According to the Huffington Post, the blind man wasn’t detained by the police of Makkah region and the boy told them that,

“My father had been suffering from a blood clot in only one of his eyes and faced the prospect of permanently losing his sight. It was this that was cured at Makkah, not full-blown blindness.”

However, no proof of the claim is available yet. Nobody knows who made the facebook post of the blind man and people are putting heads and creating stories on the doubtful miracle.

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