An “eco-friendly” Electric Vehicle that can be Charged within a Few Minutes

Hyundai Motor Group has introduced 23 new electric vehicles that can charge 80% of its battery in 18 minutes. A report was broadcasted on an American channel “Bloomberg” which stated that Hyundai company aims to sell more than a million electric vehicles by 2025. How much distance can an electric vehicle cover with five-minute charge? Where are these vehicles manufactured? Keep reading till the end to know more.

Distance Covered by the Vehicle with a Five-minute Charge

The company reported that the battery of the new electric vehicles can cover a distance of up to 100km with a five-minute charge.

How much Distance can the Battery cover with a Full Charge?

According to the company, the battery tends to cover a distance of up to 500 km after a full charge.

Where are these Vehicles Manufactured?

In the first phase, these electric vehicles will be manufactured in South Korea. However, manufacturing in different countries will depend on its demand.

How can these Vehicles be Completely Environmentally Friendly?

It will be possible for electric vehicles to be completely environmentally friendly after they are charged with 800 volts and 400 volts.

However, last year. the Hyundai Group agreed to spend 18 billion dollars on electric vehicles by 2025. These new vehicles will be Eco-friendly and will help in the reduction of pollution in the environment. They can travel a great distance with only five-minute of charge. Stay tuned to Saudi expat news for more updates.

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