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An Egyptian man arrested at Dubai airport after 21 years ago due to bank loan default

Each and every individual either working in his own country or outside as an expatriate must settle his debts on a timely basis. Those debts also represent short term borrowings, loans or credit card facilities from the bank.

When any individual working outside as an expat, the burden of settling the dues before going on final exit lies completely on that individual.

It is observed that expats working specially in UAE, KSA and the similar regional countries sometimes evade paying and settling their outstanding dues and leave the country on final exit without informing the bank even.

Recently, Dubai authorities arrested a credit card defaulter

The people specially the expats leaving the country on final exit believe that they will not find any future issues, if they default any bank loan or don’t settle the credit card dues. Read more: Saudi airline makes emergency landing in Egypt after baby falls sick

Truly speaking most of us working abroad especially in Middle East must have observed certain issues where the people leaving on exit don’t settle their bank dues thinking that it will not impact them while travelling outside after that.

Recently, an Egyptian man was arrested for the credit card debt outstanding for the last 20 years after he left the UAE in the year 1998. Read more: Saudi police arrested a man on charges of sexual harassment

The man must have thought that it will not hurt him anymore if he leaves the unsettled amount behind him but something sudden happened on the contrary.

Arrested Egyptian used to work in Dubai and married a Filipino woman

The arrested Egyptian worked in Dubai during the 1990s and was married to a Filipino woman. The couple had a baby girl, but they separated in 1998 and the mother went back to the Philippines with their daughter after an agreement with the father, who returned to Egypt. Read more: Saudi Baby Dies During the Flight of AirAsia from Malaysia to Australia

Arrested Egyptian used to visit Filipino via Dubai transit to meet his daughter

The father used to regularly visit his daughter in the Philippines but on his most recent flight out of Egypt via Dubai last year, he was arrested in the transit area for a pending credit card debt.

The UAE authorities claimed that the arrested Egyptian man had a credit card with unpaid bills when he left the UAE in 1998 and had accumulated a debt of Dh.50, 000.

Two philanthropists settle financial woes of 21 prisoners in Dubai totaling Dh2 million including the Egyptian arrested man

The two philanthropists donated cash recently to release prisoners according to the Dubai Police. The Egyptian was one of 21 prisoners released from Dubai Central Jail in Al Awir after their debts were settled by the unnamed philanthropists, who had donated around Dh2 million, according to Dubai Police.

“Dubai Police is keen to sign agreements with charitable institutions and double our humanitarian efforts as part of the Year of Tolerance. The humanitarian section at Al Awir jail helped solve the financial problems of 5,485 inmates last year at a cost of Dh. 8.1 million”.

Airline tickets home were also bought for the prisoners

Airline tickets home were also bought for the 21 inmates to fly them back to their home countries as soon as they were released.

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Source: Gulf News

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