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Announcement of Amnesty for all the Inmates Facing Flogging Sentences

As a part of the kingdom’s steps to reform the legal system, Saudi Arabia’s higher authorities are expected to issue an amnesty for all those who have been sentenced to flogging as a form of punishment, according to a newspaper report. This will apply to persons in various emirates of the Kingdom who face flogging sentences but the verdicts have not yet been carried out. To know more, read the article below.

For What Crimes was Flogging Ordered by the Courts?

Flogging was ordered by courts to punish a variety of crimes in the Kingdom. There were several cases under which individual judges had the latitude to interpret religious texts and come up with their sentences.

Why was the decision of abolition of flogging taken?

The decision of abolition of flogging was taken to restrict the judge’s authority to impose flogging as a punishment, as some judges had exceeded the limit of the legal and juristic texts over the past years.

Pardon for all who received flogging sentences

According to local newspaper,

The supreme directives have been issued to pardon all those who have received flogging sentences as disciplinary punishment in connection to rulings that were passed before the Supreme Court ordered abolishing flogging earlier this year.

Issuing of Circular across the Kingdom

A circular was issued to all the courts across the Kingdom to implement the decision of the Supreme Court by Minister of Justice and Chairman of the Supreme Judiciary Council Sheikh Walid Al-Samaani.

Which punishments will replace flogging?

The General Assembly of the Supreme Court took this decision of dropping flogging sentences in disciplinary cases in April. However, flogging will be replaced with jailing, fines, or any other alternative penalties according to related regulations,.

Steps for the abolition of death sentences for minors

In another major step hailed by rights advocates, earlier this year, Saudi Arabia abolished death sentences and the execution of convicts who are minors. Courts have been directed that jail sentences should not be longer than 10 years in cases involving minors charged with criminal acts, according to Saudi media.

Saudi Arabia is improving its legal system by taking better steps like abolishing flogging and the death penalty for minors. Stay tuned to Saudi expat news for more.

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