Are Non-Vaccinated Expatriates Allowed to Enter the Country on Visit Visas?

Regarding corona vaccine and coming on visit visa, a person discovered that those who do not get vaccinated are allowed to come to the country on visit visa. Vaccination is a prerequisite for coronavirus prevention in Saudi Arabia.

Quarantine is Necessary for Non-Vaccinated Visitors

Expatriates who have not been vaccinated in the country must be quarantined for five days to return to the country. Expatriates wishing to come to the country on a visit visa must complete the quarantine period upon arrival in the country.

Booster Dose and Last Day PCR must be Done

People coming on a visit visa are given a booster dose of the vaccine during quarantine after coming here. On the last day of the quarantine, the visitor undergoes a PCR test after receiving a booster dose of the corona vaccine approved in Saudi Arabia. If the test report is negative, their quarantine is terminated. Quarantine rules must be strictly adhered to so that they do not get into any trouble.

What if the Doses are not from the Same Country?

Regarding the vaccine, another person inquired, “One vaccine was given in Saudi Arabia while the other was given in Pakistan. The stay and departure period for return has not been extended yet. Will quarantine be mandatory upon arrival?” Immigrants who have received both doses of the vaccine before leaving the country can come to Saudi Arabia directly. People who have not received both doses of the vaccine before leaving the country will have to spend a certain period in quarantine after arriving in Saudi Arabia.

Free Extension for those who’s Vacation Period is near Expiry!

As far as the extension of stay and departure period is concerned, the Saudi Passport Department says that the residence holder from whom direct travel to the kingdom was banned from staying and departing their free extension period is in progress.

The Extension Process will Take Time

Those whose stay and departure period has not yet been extended should wait their turn. The free stay and departure period is being extended in a phased manner. Regarding the extension, the Saudi Passport Department said that with the cooperation of the country’s database centre and licenses, the process of extending the stay and departure period of immigrants is underway.


Optional extensions are also provided by the licenses, however, for this the employer can extend the stay and departure period of the immigrants from their Abshir or resident account for which a fixed fee must be paid. Is. Extension can be obtained for fixed period after payment of fee.

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