Attack on Holy Kaaba in 1979 & The Seizure of City Makkah

In 1979 at the Grand Mosque of Makkah, extremist attack on Holy Kaaba. It was the 1st of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar. Hundreds of worshippers were circling the Holy Kaaba. The attendants started to hear sounds of bullets that turned the most peaceful place into a stage for the killer, who targeted ordinary, innocent people and rescuers. The extremist group stormed the Holy Mosque of Makkah, the incident which lasted and claimed the lives of more than 100 people.

Facts: Many Muslims were killed

It took two weeks to clear the city from the extremist group while about one hundred Muslims got killed. The innocent, the civilians, the helpers, and the guards were killed at the Grand Mosque.

It was a normal day when many people perform Fajr prayers. It was time when the peaceful and calm city suddenly turned into a war zone. This act alarmed the Saudi government, the army and all the people around the world. It was time to take action before things get worse.

The government tried to Chase Them

After the attack on Holy Kaaba, the government sent the attackers a warning through a megaphone stressing that what was the deviant group did inside the Holy Mosque. They were made to listen to the Quranic verses which said that whosever initiate different act in the Holy Kaaba which is against the Islamic rule, religion and rightful doings will face a painful and harsh punishment. To resolve this matter on pure Islamic country King Khalid called upon the scholars from all around the country.

The Attackers again started to tease People

The attackers started to shot the people outside the Mosque. They used the minarets as their attacking area. No Muslim will kill or harm his Muslim brother, also making Holy Kaaba its hostage is an extreme act that shall be punished, Hathal bin Juhayman Al-Otaybi the son of Extremist who seized the Holy mosque in 1979, has overshadow his father’s radical legacy and was recently promoted to the position of colonel in Saudi Arabia’s national guard.

Juhayman Replied after the Attack

Maj- gen. Muhammad, Al Nufaie said Prince Saud, Al-Faisal approached Juhayman and asked him why he had committed these act to tease people, attack on Holy Kaaba, killed hundreds of people, Juhayman replied Satan,

It was a sad sight to see the holiest place in Islam is empty after the attack. There were no visitors streaming towards the gate, in fact, there was firing from the minarets and I could see the puff from the different minarets. There were gunpowder smell and smoke.

Power used by the Saudi Government

Well trained soldiers, Special Forces were able to secure the Holy Kaaba and the innocent people. The former head of the special security forces Maj- Gen Muhammad said that he told that the attackers were dealt with a human manner. He explained that the leader of the extremist group Juhayman Al-Otaybi was caught he was being pulled through his beard. If someone with the attack on Holy Kaaba then they will be killed according to the Islamic law.

Do you know how many soldiers and civilians were Injured and Martyred?

Some 127 security men and 26 civilians were martyred, and 462 security men and 109 civilians were injured.

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Source: Arab News

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