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Bahrain to refer Saudi traffic violators to Saudi courts

Traffic violations fall under the top category of violation in every country with abundant cases of deaths through it. People don’t take driving seriously and end up in serious tragedies. Whereat one point where the laws aren’t implementing at hard and fast pace, the people are also enjoying rash driving, over-speeding and many more.

Things get worse when such activities are done in other countries and you have to face the law enforcing authorities. Being an expatriate in a country you get stuck with different regulations. To cater this, the Bahrain Government has introduced a new traffic violation rule. What is it about? Read in the article below to know the further details…

Bahrain is no more responsible for Saudi expat violations

According to the Department of Traffic in Bahrain, the Saudi expatriate will be referred to their respective country’s institution in case of any violation especially for the gulf countries like Saudi Arabia. 

Why is the new law being brought by Bahrain authorities?

This decision was made to facilitate the violators with their payment of penalties and proceed with their cases with quick decision.

What were the remarks of head of the traffic department Bahrain?

According to Tuser website, the head of the Bahraini Department of Traffic’s communications agency said,

“Traffic violations have hit a record high number of violations on the King Fahd Bridge linking Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in recent times, the Department has actually decided that it would be better to deal with traffic violations at King Fahd Bridge than to do so through the Saudi Department of Traffic.”

Camera security to keep the speed at check

To keep a check on over speeding, cameras were installed a month ago on the King Fahad Bridge to monitor the driver’s speed. Different speed limits are also set for different locations with fines for those who violate the given speed limit.  

Will the penalty be waived if violators will be referred to their country?

No, according to the relevant authorities, however, below clarifies more

“If a Saudi citizen or Saudi expat violates any traffic in Bahrain, he will not be barred from travelling to Bahrain, but the fine for traffic violations will be received by the Saudi Department of Traffic and the penalty will not be waived.”

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