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Beware of H&M marketing strategy which uses printing Allah’s name on children socks

Islamophobia is an act by the non-believers especially from the American-European countries which aim at sparking hate and anger against Islam and its believers. Different activities on social media platforms and, different reports, column are generated in such a way to ensure hatred towards the religion Islam.

H&M Clothing known as Hennes & Mauritz is a well-known Swedish clothing manufacturer. They are known for their best products and clothing lines. However, their new marketing strategies are targeting different races and religions. What is the new act? What have they done? Read all about the big brand huge mistake in the article below.

A mistake has done intentionally or just a coincidence

H&M recent children socks line has printed Allah on them. However, according to H&M spokesperson, they did it by mistake as it resembled Allah’s name upside down. As soon as they realized their mistake they have recalled all the stocks from its inventory. They believe it is just a coincidence whereas, the name of Allah has shown with a Jackhammer which clearly shows that it isn’t a coincidence.

The explanation by the owner of H&M on the issue

According to the explanation of H&M, he made a logo which according to them looked like the name of Allah when turned upside down. They have pulled these socks from all of its outlets and shelves from all around the world after people from all around the globe questioned their way of hurting Muslims’ sentiments by attacking their religion directly.

Is it the first time they made a mistake?

No, it isn’t the first time they made a mistake. A few weeks ago, H&M was accused of racism because a black kid was shown wearing a hoodie of H&M with a phrase written,

“Coolest monkey in the jungle.”

The spread of Islamophobia among masses

Apart from such racism and religion target, in past, we have seen a Fake Quran being sold. Such activities are linked to Islamophobia around the globe. However, H&M has been continuously seen hurting people’s sentiments by creating or adopting a marketing strategy which is hurtful to either race or religion.

A clear reluctance on H&M marketing strategy

All the celebrities, as well as all the influential people, have shared their distaste toward the Printing Allah and Racist image act by H&M in the past few weeks. Muslims have started boycotting this brand as it insults their God.

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Source: Daily Mail

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